It was a MIRACLE operation. I had been in severe pain using a walker and had an (intraarticular) steroid injection but still in debilitating, life-altering pain.I was very nervous as I went into Swedish Medical Center for surgery. From the time of my arrival my experience was A+++++++. Everyone preparing me was kind and personable! I dozed off and the next thing I knew, Dr. Matsen Ko is there telling me that my surgery went great. The pain was gone because I had a new hip! I stood up and took a couple steps that same afternoon of surgery. Dr. Matsen Ko is so positive and personable along with an exacting professional. She even came to visit me on her day off and showed me her new adorable baby boy. She cares. When you meet her you will understand you are in the best care possible. She is a brilliant surgeon using state of the art materials and techniques.”