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    DON’T SKIP A STEP. Get Back to Life with Cartiva. Your toes’ joints are uniquely designed for movement, especially the big toe, which provides most of the propulsive force needed for walking and running. Unlike fusion, which locks the joint in place, Cartiva allows your joint to move how it’s supposed to. Cartiva is backed by the largest comprehensive study ever conducted for the treatment of osteoarthritis in the big toe joint.

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    cartiva-imageWhat is Cartiva made of?

    The implant is composed of a biocompatible, durable, slippery organic polymer that functions similarly to natural cartilage.

    What is Cartiva used to treat?

    Cartiva treats painful arthritis in the joint of the big toe. This arthritis involves the wearing down of the cartilage tissue in the big toe joint.

    How does the recovery compare to one after a fusion?

    With Cartiva, your foot will be weight bearing immediately following surgery. You should begin exercises that move your joint immediately. Your doctor may instruct you in the exercises to undertake in order to regain movement of your toe. Fusion normally takes 6 weeks before your foot will be weight bearing