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    We offer a comprehensive array of diagnostic services to properly and efficiently determine the root of your orthopedic or musculoskeletal concerns. Your time is valuable and we have many of the services right here for your convenience. If imaging is needed by your physician, you can walk down the hall to have your imaging completed and immediately reviewed all within your one appointment – no need to schedule another. Not only does this keep costs down, it allows you to get your results and solutions faster.

    We strive to give you what you deserve through state of the art diagnostics, treatments and preventative measures provided with dignity, respect and personal service – the best possible care with excellent results.

    At OPA, we want your experience to be comfortable and convenient. Our imaging technologists are trained in the latest diagnostic imaging protocols, ensuring your results are always efficiently and expertly completed.

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    X-rays are needed in most cases to perform an initial evaluation and also to measure your progress during the healing process.

    *For your comfort, bring elastic-waist shorts with you if you are receiving a knee x-ray; for females please avoid a bra with metal underwire.


    EMG’s help us determine if there is damage to the muscle or to the nerves leading to the muscle and to evaluate and diagnose muscle and nerve disorders.


    Curve Beam’s pedCAT is an ultra-low radiology dose CT imaging system. Patients benefit from the convenience of point-of-care advanced diagnostic imaging. The pedCAT provides physicians a 3D weight bearing view of your foot and ankle, and OPA is one of the few orthopedic practices in the Seattle area with this machine.


    Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to produce pictures of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints throughout the body. It is used to help diagnose sprains, strains, tears and other soft tissue conditions. We also use ultrasound to provide deep guidance during PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures.


    MRI is a type of high tech scanner that uses magnetic fields to create “slices” of a picture of a part of your body. This diagnostic test will be used to evaluate and verify your specific injury. These scans may be done with or without dye. Arthrograms are MRI studies with dye. If dye is required, you will receive an injection by a Radiologist and then be taken to our MRI Suite for your scan. We employ our own technologists to ensure that you have the best possible scan, built to each physician’s specifications. There are some patients who may not qualify for scanning if they have certain conditions or metal in their bodies.

    NOTE: If you have an arthrogram-MRI at OPA MRI you may receive bills from multiple parties, including the Seattle Surgery Center and the Radiologist who performs the injection procedure in addition to the MRI scan bill.