ATC Spotlight: Chelsea Lovera

ATC Spotlight: Chelsea Lovera

A Seattle native, Chelsea completed her undergrad in Sports and Exercise Science at Seattle University, before obtaining her Master’s in Athletic Training at North Dakota State University.

She became a certified athletic trainer (ATC) after multiple shoulder injuries that ended her collegiate swimming career. The ATC’s she encountered through high school and college were always so knowledgeable and provided her with excellent treatment and rehabilitation. After working closely with several ATC’s she realized that she wanted to pursue that career path and be able to provide care to athletes that she could work with on a daily basis.

Her favorite sport to cover is football. Chelsea worked with the North Dakota State University football team for two years and was with them for their first of five FCS National Championships. When asked about one of her favorite memories as an ATC she says, “I have really enjoyed working as an athletic trainer and having the opportunity travel around the U.S. with college athletics. My favorite highlight after NDSU’s national championship was working men’s basketball at the D1 NCAA Midwest Regional championships and working the Indy USA Swimming Grad Prix event where I was able to work with and watch Olympic swimmers up close.”

While college athletics was fun it was also a very demanding career for her, leading to her transition into a clinical environment at OPA. She started her career at OPA working with Dr. Edward Khalfayan for about two and a half years, where she was assisting and coordinating care for the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks during that time as well. During this time, her background in college athletics has been immensely helpful. It allows her to relate to patients who have to sit out for weeks, months or entire seasons for their sport or activity. For all high school and college athletes she cared for, she would coordinate with their athletic trainers to ensure that they continue to get the best care as they return to their sport.

Having a career that has a good work/life balance while allowing her to pursue her passion has been a great change for Chelsea. Recently, she has transitioned into the role of Clinical Supervisor here at OPA and she says, “the best part of this role is being able to be involved in hiring and on-boarding of all of our staff. It’s rewarding to train a new employee and to see them grow into essential additions to a physician’s practice.”

Hobbies: watching sports – college football, basketball and hockey as well as NFL. Cooking. XC Skiing and swimming.

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