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    Millions of Americans experience chronic pain in their joints and muscles. The good news is that many of the problems that cause these painful symptoms can be addressed through orthopedic treatment

    At Orthopedic Physician Associates (OPA), we specialize in providing a complete range of orthopedic services in Bellevue and surrounding areas. Our team of seasoned doctors can help diagnose your condition or injury and provide a series of alternatives to help relieve your pain. 

    Known as innovators in their field of expertise, our physicians have certifications in sports medicine, orthopedics, and physiatry. Not only this, OPA orthopedic doctors have fellowship training in the areas of spine, feet and ankle, joint replacement, trauma, and sports.

    We have earned a reputation for delivering superb results and we’ve had the pleasure of working with renown institutions like the Seattle Mariners as well as the Seattle Seahawks. If you are looking for a reliable orthopedic surgeon in Bellevue, WA, contact OPA today and our team of specialized physicians will be happy to assist.


    Different Orthopedic Specialists

    Orthopedic care is a broad subject with several subspecialties, each specializing in a particular area of knowledge. Our Bellevue facility is home to a diverse team of orthopedic specialists that provide all of your musculoskeletal requirements with comprehensive care. Let’s examine the many categories of orthopedic professionals who are essential to your health:

    Hand Surgeons

    Our experienced hand surgeons are experts in the precise and delicate operations necessary to treat problems of the hand and wrist. They have in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the hand and use cutting-edge methods to restore maximum function and eliminate discomfort.

    Arm and Shoulder Specialists

    With a focus on identifying and treating diseases and injuries that impact the arm and shoulder, our specialists are highly knowledgeable about the intricate anatomy in these regions. They create specialized treatment regimens that put an emphasis on pain control, functional recovery, and enhanced quality of life.

    Orthopedic Surgeons

    Our orthopedic surgeons specialize in procedures including joint replacements, spinal operations, and sophisticated fracture repairs and are at the forefront of cutting-edge surgical techniques. They aim to provide the greatest results for each patient with their remarkable expertise and accuracy.

    Sports Medicine Specialists

    Our sports medicine experts are prepared to manage sports-related injuries and ailments, whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior. They offer specialist treatment to assist you in recovering quickly and securely since they have a thorough awareness of the demands of sports performance.

    Orthopedic Specialists Recovery Plan

    At our Bellevue facility, we think a thorough rehabilitation plan that is individualized for you may be highly effective. To speed up your recovery, our orthopedic specialists use a variety of therapies and treatments that are backed by scientific evidence. The following are some crucial elements of our rehabilitation strategies:


    Our competent surgeons use their knowledge to carry out precise surgical operations in situations where conservative therapy are ineffective. Whether performing a spine treatment, tendon repair, or joint reconstruction, our surgical team is committed to providing positive results with the least amount of recovery time.

    Physical Therapy

    Rehabilitation is an important part of orthopedic healing, and our skilled physical therapists are a key component of it. To regain strength, flexibility, and range of motion, they create customized workout plans and use focused methods.


    In order to maintain total musculoskeletal health, our orthopedic doctors understand the value of exercise. To speed up your recuperation, avoid more injuries, and promote your general wellbeing, they recommend customized workout routines.


    Our doctors may recommend drugs designed for your particular disease to control pain, decrease inflammation, and promote the healing process. To offer the best possible pain treatment and rehabilitation, they continuously evaluate your reaction to drugs and make the appropriate modifications.


    To supplement traditional therapies and advance general wellbeing, we offer complementary therapies like massage and acupuncture. These treatments can ease discomfort, ease tense muscles, and support your body’s natural healing processes.

    Additional areas we serve:


    Cartiva Implants

    While it may not sound severe, arthritis pain in your big toe can have a detrimental effect on your life quality. That said, cartiva implants pose a great alternative that can help address the symptoms of this painful condition. 

    Cartiva implants serve the same purpose as the cartilage in your big toes, but they are made from a biocompatible, organic polymer. Our team of orthopedic specialists can use this effective treatment to take care of arthritis in your big toe and provide long-lasting relief at last.


    Defining Osteoarthritis

    There are close to 360 joints in the human body, all of which have a cushion made of cartilage. This cushion prevents your bones from rubbing against each other. But, as we grow older, it can lose thickness, stop serving its function, and result in intense pain. This condition is known as osteoarthritis.

    Osteoarthritis in your big toe causes much more than painful episodes. This condition can result in bone spurs, which intensify the pain when walking or wearing shoes. Fortunately, cartiva implants now pose a viable alternative that can help reduce the discomfort and allow you to return to your regular lifestyle.


    Cartiva and Fusion Surgery Compared

    Traditionally, fusion surgery has been the most common treatment for osteoarthritis. During this procedure, the remaining cartilage is completely removed from the joint. Then, the bones are attached, and eventually fuse to become a single bone. But, this also means that all mobility in the joint is lost.

    For a long time, fusion surgery was regarded as the only treatment for this condition. But, since the introduction of cartiva implants, patients can now treat the intense pains and return to their regular activities once fully recovered.


    What Happens During Cartiva Surgery?

    In simple terms, cartiva implant surgery consists of three steps. First, the surgeon will make a 3-inch incision on the top of your big toe in order to access your joint’s capsule. Any prominent bone spurs are cleaned up in order to prevent further damage. Lastly, a hole is drilled and the implant is placed. In most cases, the whole process takes less than an hour to complete. 


    Recover from Cartiva Surgery

    Unlike fusion surgery, cartiva implants are strong enough to support your weight as soon as the procedure is completed. Fusion, on the contrary, may need up to 12 weeks of post-surgery recovery.

    Orthopedic Diagnostics 

    Conducting thorough tests is the only way to diagnose your condition or injury properly. At OPA, we offer a wide range of diagnostic services to effectively identify the source of your discomfort. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and professional technicians that will do everything in their power to get your tests done the same day.

    As long as availability allows it, we can carry out your tests and start proposing solutions right away. Our orthopedic diagnostic specialists in Bellevue can help conduct a comprehensive list of tests, including:



    The most common type of image testing carried out at OPA is X-ray. This type of test passes a small beam of radiation through the part of your body that’s being tested. An x-ray film is placed on the other side to capture the actual image, which is then examined by our physicians.

    Although they are fast and allow your orthopedic doctor to discard certain conditions, x-rays have certain shortcomings. For instance, this type of test only shows two dimensions and there are many issues that can only be diagnosed properly through a three-dimensions view. 

    Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t show soft-tissue damage, so it’s not ideal for ligament or muscle diagnostics.


    Electromyography or EMG

    Nerve and muscle dysfunction can lead to weakness, tingling, numbness, cramping, pain, and discomfort. If you experience these symptoms, electromyography or EMG can be used to help diagnose possible dysfunctions in your muscles and nervous system.



    Despite the fact that conventional x-rays provide a two-dimensional point of view, our cutting-edge PedCAT employs low-dose radiation to provide a 3D image of the affected area. With this technology, your Bellevue orthopedic doctor can diagnose your injury or condition quickly and accurately.



    Soft-tissue problems are tricky to diagnose because they don’t show up in x-rays. Ultrasound tests use powerful sound waves to generate an image of your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints in general, allowing our physicians to identify any problems effectively.


    Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI

    A magnetic resonance imaging test, simply known as an MRI, creates a magnetic field around the affected part of your body. The magnetic field makes the molecules in your body vibrate, and this movement is recorded to create a detailed, 3-dimensional image of the damaged area.  



    In order to find the best orthopedic doctors in Bellevue, you have to make sure your practitioners use the most advanced procedures. This is one of the reasons why we employ the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System to conduct MAKOplasty procedures. 


    When Should You Consider MAKOplasty?

    Osteoarthritis can affect different parts of your body, including your knees. In some cases, the symptoms are too intense, thus requiring knee replacement surgery. Our MAKOplasty surgery employs an innovative robotic arm, which allows us to perform less invasive knee replacement.

    MAKOplasty surgery is ideal for folks who need faster recovery times and want their knee to feel more natural after recovery.


    Explaining MAKOplasty Surgery

    Before the surgery begins, our team of Bellevue orthopedic specialists will carry out a CT scan and feed the results to the robotic equipment. The machine creates a 3D model of the affected part, which is used by your physician to determine where the implants will be placed.

    Once this step is complete, the surgeon will clean up the affected part and try to retain as much of the original structure as possible. Finally, the robotic arm will work with your physician to put the implant into your knee.


    How Long is the Recovery Period?

    MAKOplasty is an extremely attractive alternative because it has a short recovery time. Most patients can start walking immediately after surgery, so many of them choose to have the procedure on an outpatient basis. On average, hospital stays for MAKOplasty range between one to three days, and after two to three weeks you should be driving your vehicle.


    Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

    Commonly referred to as PRP treatment, platelet-rich plasma therapy has earned a reputation for using your own body’s healing abilities. Our team of physicians can harness the power of your platelets, which can help ligament, joint, muscle, and tendon injuries heal much faster. 

    Our team of orthopedic surgeons in Bellevue has the tools and knowledge to administer PRP treatments. If you want to learn more about this alternative, get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help.


    What are PRP Treatments?

    Platelets are cells that play a critical role in the human organism because they form clots whenever there’s an open wound. Besides stopping us from bleeding out, this also allows your body to repair the tissue.

    Needless to say, platelets have powerful healing properties. When these cells are isolated and redistributed, they can help your body heal faster, without the need for additional ingredients. 

    Areas of Specialties:


    How Does PRP Treatment Work?

    PRP treatments are simple and fast. To start, your orthopedic doctor withdraws some of your blood and uses a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. After they are isolated, the platelets are withdrawn with a syringe and injected into the affected area.


    Finding a Reliable Orthopedic Doctor in Bellevue

    People in Bellevue who suffer bad injuries or experience pain due to arthritis don’t have to settle for analgesics and constant discomfort. Our team of professional orthopedic doctors can help diagnose and treat a wide range of issues thanks to their expertise and our state-of-the-art facilities.

    If you need to find an orthopedic surgeon in Bellevue, contact OPA today and our team will be glad to help.




    For acute orthopedic injuries after scheduled clinic and urgent care hours, please utilize the HURT! app, in partnership with OPAOrtho, for fast, free access to orthopedic advice with a response time of less than 4 minutes.  Download here www.poweredbyhurt.com/opaortho