OPA Partners with HURT App

OPA Partners with HURT App

At OPA (Orthopedic Physicians Associates), we are committed to advancing orthopedic care and ensuring our patients receive unparalleled treatment. We’re excited to announce a significant step forward in this commitment: our partnership with the HURT App.  Download the app here.

This collaboration marks a new era in accessible orthopedic care, offering you free, immediate access to expert advice after hours through a simple app on your smartphone.

The HURT App is at the forefront of orthopedic innovation, providing 24/7 access to specialists. Our partnership exemplifies our dedication to enhancing your care experience, ensuring expert guidance is always within reach.

Together, OPA and the HURT App are not just advancing orthopedic care; we’re redefining it, prioritizing your health, convenience, and peace of mind.

What is the HURT App?

The HURT App, created by Dr. Brett Miller, represents a significant leap forward in orthopedic care. This innovative application was designed to dramatically improve patient access to orthopedic specialists, enabling individuals to receive expert advice swiftly and without cost.

At its core, the HURT App facilitates direct connections between patients and orthopedic experts 24/7, providing free, real-time consultations. This around-the-clock availability addresses a critical challenge in healthcare—accessibility beyond standard office hours.


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Utilizing this app, patients can easily access orthopedic care from their smartphones, receiving guidance on managing orthopedic concerns, determining when to seek in-person treatment, and how to avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

This not only simplifies the journey to recovery but also adds a personalized touch to digital health services that is often absent.

Developed under Dr. Miller’s vision, the HURT! App prioritizes a patient-centered approach, emphasizing immediate access to care and eliminating financial obstacles.

Its introduction has transformed how patients interact with orthopedic specialists, making expert advice accessible with just a few taps at any time and place.

The Benefits of Partnering with HURT

Partnering with the HURT App brings a host of benefits designed to enhance the care experience for OPA patients, ensuring they receive the best possible orthopedic support. Here are the key advantages of this collaboration:

  • Free, Expert Guidance: OPA patients gain access to complimentary consultations with orthopedic experts, ensuring high-quality advice without the cost.
  • Rapid Response: Live team members from the HURT App respond quickly to patient inquiries, minimizing wait times and providing timely support.
  • Accessibility from Anywhere: The app’s remote access feature is particularly valuable for individuals in rural communities, offering expert care without needing travel.
  • Professional Guidance and Personalized Advice: Patients receive tailored recommendations for managing their orthopedic conditions, ensuring they understand their treatment options.
  • Reassurance and Peace of Mind: Knowing expert help is just a few taps away offers patients comfort during uncertain times, reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Expedited Care and Streamlined Access: The partnership facilitates quicker connections to orthopedic specialists, bypassing the usual delays and referral processes for more efficient patient care.

This partnership between OPA and the HURT! App underscores a shared commitment to patient-centric care, leveraging technology to improve access, reduce costs, and enhance the overall patient experience.

How the HURT App Works

Navigating the HURT App is a straightforward and user-friendly process designed with patient needs at the forefront. Here’s a closer look at how the app functions and supports patients in accessing specialized orthopedic care:

  • Simple to Use: Patients start by downloading the HURT! App onto their smartphones, available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate.
  • Connecting with Care Navigators: Upon opening the app, patients can immediately contact HURT care navigators. These trained professionals, available 24/7, guide patients through their concerns and offer real-time, expert advice.
  • Avoiding Unnecessary ER Visits: The app is crucial in helping patients decide the most appropriate course of action for their orthopedic issues. For example, if a patient is unsure whether their injury requires an emergency room visit, a HURT care navigator can assess the situation based on the symptoms described and advise on the best next steps. This could range from applying ice and rest to scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. In many cases, this guidance helps patients avoid costly and time-consuming visits to the ER, directing them instead to the most suitable care pathway.
  • Personalized Care Recommendations: Beyond immediate advice, the app’s navigators can also assist patients in understanding their symptoms better and provide recommendations on managing minor injuries at home. For more severe cases, they facilitate expedited referrals to orthopedic specialists, ensuring patients receive the specialized care they need without delay.

The HURT App is more than just a digital tool; it’s a gateway to comprehensive, patient-centered orthopedic care.

By simplifying the process of accessing expert advice and care, the app ensures that patients are supported at every step of their journey towards recovery, embodying OPA’s dedication to innovation, accessibility, and excellence in orthopedic healthcare.

The Impact on Patient Care

The collaboration between OPA and the HURT App has significantly enhanced patient care, with many sharing positive feedback on the quick, expert guidance received.

Through this partnership, patients enjoy improved access to care, avoiding the delays typically associated with traditional medical consultations. Data shows marked efficiency improvements, with the app enabling patients to circumvent unnecessary ER visits for non-emergency conditions.

This expedites their access to appropriate care and alleviates pressure on emergency services. The HURT App’s integration with OPA’s expertise provides a patient-focused care model that prioritizes swift, accurate, and personalized medical advice, embodying a commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, OPA is committed to deepening its integration with the HURT App, exploring new ways to enhance patient engagement and care delivery.

Future plans include expanding the app’s capabilities to offer more comprehensive services, such as virtual consultations and personalized treatment plans, directly within the app interface.

Additionally, ongoing updates and feature enhancements are in the pipeline to ensure the app remains at the forefront of orthopedic care technology.

These advancements aim to further streamline the patient journey, from initial consultation to recovery, making high-quality orthopedic care more accessible and efficient.


The partnership between OPA and the HURT App brings essential benefits to orthopedic care, offering patients immediate access to expert advice and personalized support.

This collaboration underscores the critical need for accessible, high-quality orthopedic care, ensuring patients receive timely assistance tailored to their needs.

Through this innovative approach, OPA and the HURT App are leading the way in enhancing patient care and satisfaction in the field of orthopedics.

To download the app, visit: www.poweredbyhurt.com/opaortho