Drs. Toomey and Crutcher Perform Live Knee Surgery

Drs. Toomey and Crutcher Perform Live Knee Surgery

Last week, on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, Dr. Sean Toomey performed a partial knee replacement live at Swedish Orthopedic Instiute while Dr. James Crutcher moderated. During this live knee surgery, OPA surgeons offered the opportunity to see a knee surgery in a way that has rarely been done before by a healthcare system.

This live knee surgery reached over 2.8 million people with over 4,500+ viewers watching to the live video in the four hour period.

OPA surgeons are some of the first in the region to adopt the most current and advanced knee replacement devices, including robotic technology, which assist surgeons by removing and resurfacing only the arthritic part of a knee without sacrificing the entire knee joint. These devices are used in minimally invasive procedures that are performed through a two to three inch incision, which allows our surgeon to preserve as much of the natural bone and tissue as possible while offering less scarring and blood loss, a shorter hospital stay and the ability to return to everyday activities much sooner than with traditional knee replacement surgeries.

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To view the surgery, please visit the Swedish Orthopedic Institute website here. If you have questions and would like to schedule an appointment with our joint physicians, please call 206-309-4943.