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    Elbow Joint Pain Conditions & Treatment Near You in Sammamish

    Elbow Joint Pain Treatments Sammamish

    Every task that we do with our arms involves the elbow. Muscles, joints, tendons, and bones all work together so your elbow can be a proper pivot point for your arm. If you’re experiencing any joint pain in your elbow, schedule an appointment with our clinic in Sammamish.

    Because the elbow is a complex part of your arm, making sure that it is free from strain is very important. Any prolonged pain or stiffness should alert you to check with our experts on what might be happening in your joints

    Elbow Joint Pains We Treat in Sammamish

    There are a number of conditions that our doctors in Sammamish have commonly seen. While elbow joint pain isn’t always serious, there are a few issues you should look out for:

    • Loose bodies: sometimes small pieces of bone or cartilage break off inside your arm. When these get caught in the joints, you can experience pain, stiffness, and even a locking feeling in the elbow. If you are experiencing this locking feeling, schedule an appointment with us in Sammamish.
    • Arthritis: this can occur in two different ways within the elbow. The first way causes your elbow bones to grind together creating pain and stiffness. The second way arthritis occurs is when your elbow joints start to swell due to a problem with the immune system. Both conditions can be treated at our clinic in Sammamish.
    • Tendinitis: when the tendons in your elbow are overused, tendinitis can set in and cause an inflammatory feeling. It can occur on both the outside and inside of the elbow joint, causing pain in both areas. At OPA Ortho, we can connect you with treatments to alleviate any pain.
    • Growth plate trauma: during the growth process, there are plates at the ends of long bones. These plates can sometimes become injured, and if left untreated, can cause serious issues in the growth process. Make an appointment with our elbow doctors in Sammamish if this is something you’re concerned about for your child. 

    Elbow joint pain isn’t always serious, but it can cause long term problems if left unchecked. There are different kinds of elbow joint conditions, and our doctors make sure to be informed and ready for everything that you might be dealing with.

    Treatments in Sammamish for Elbow Joint Pains

    Just as there are many different conditions that can affect the elbow, there are also many solutions. Here are some treatments we are able to do at our Sammamish Clinic:

    • Arthroscopic surgery: a type of surgery involving miniature surgical tools, cameras, and fiber optics.
    • Injections: there are some conditions, one being arthritis, that our different injections can help against.
    • Loose body removal: this involves a kind of arthroscopic surgery where the doctor makes very small holes in the elbow to remove loose bodies.

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    Don’t prolong your suffering. If you are feeling dull, persistent pain in your elbow, have swelling, redness, or any other kind of elbow discomfort, contact OPA today. Our elbow physicians in Sammamish can help diagnose your condition and create a treatment plan to help you move forward.

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