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    Are you looking for orthopedic doctors in Issaquah offering a wide range of treatment options? Contact OPA Ortho today to schedule an appointment.

    If you need orthopedic doctors in Issaquah, WA, due to a joint, bone, muscle injury, or any condition affecting the musculoskeletal system, the orthopedic surgeons at OPA Ortho can help.

    We have a team of fellowship-trained orthopedic doctors offering quality orthopedic care to patients of all ages. These include diagnosing and treating degenerative, congenital, or trauma-based bone, joint, muscle, nerve, tendon, cartilage, and ligament conditions.

    Once you get in touch with us, we will provide detailed consultation and diagnosis, followed by an individualized treatment plan. We will work with you to ensure unique care that delivers your desired treatment outcome.

    Are you tired of searching for the best orthopedic doctors near you? Contact us today for non-surgical and surgical orthopedic treatments that meet your needs. You can also reach out to us at 425-800-0609 to schedule a consultation today.

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    What Do Orthopedic Doctors Do?

    Our orthopedic doctors in Issaquah, WA, provide effective treatments for all types of musculoskeletal conditions, including diseases or injuries affecting the bones, nerves, muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

    We have treated patients with a wide range of conditions, including:

    • Arthritic joint conditions
    • Bone fractures
    • Knee, shoulder, elbow, foot, and hand conditions
    • Ligament, cartilage, and tendon tears
    • Low back pain
    • Muscle sprains and strains

    If you need a bone doctor in Issaquah, contact our orthopedic associates’ doctors for an appointment and schedule treatment.

    General Orthopedics, Arthroscopic Surgery, Joint Reconstruction, and More

    We specialize in providing a wide range of orthopedic treatments in Issaquah, including:

    Arthroscopic Surgery

    Our team of orthopedic doctors in Issaquah has valuable experience in arthroscopic orthopedic surgery for patients with a wide variety of conditions requiring knee surgery, elbow surgery, or joint, ligament, and tendon reconstruction.

    These procedures are highly advanced. They use the latest medical equipment, including high-definition medical scopes, ensuring faster and less painful recovery and treatment outcomes.

    General Orthopedics

    We are highly skilled at providing generalized orthopedic care covering a wide range of conditions and injuries. If you suffer from a bad knee, painful back, arthritic joints, or broken bones, our orthopedic specialist can provide a detailed diagnosis with a customized treatment plan.

    Pediatric and Adolescent Orthopedics

    We also attend to pediatric orthopedic conditions such as congenital, developmental, or neuromuscular conditions and trauma injuries such as bone fractures. Count on our experienced orthopedic doctors in Issaquah to offer gentle and compassionate care that meets the needs of younger patients.

    Sports Medicine

    If you need a sports medicine doctor in Issaquah, our clinic has a team of fellowship-trained specialists that can help meet your needs. Whether you’re a college athlete or professional sports personality with many years of experience, we can deliver effective solutions that treat all types of sports-related injuries, including knee, back, muscle, elbow, shoulder, and neck injuries.

    Biologic and PRP Therapies

    At OPA Ortho, we are at the forefront of delivering innovative orthopedic treatments that use non-invasive biologic therapies. These PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapies use the body’s cells to restore and heal damaged tissue without the need for orthopedic surgery.

    Joint Replacement

    Our orthopedic surgeons also specialize in reconstructive joint procedures, including knee, shoulder, and hip replacements. If you suffer from joint conditions affecting your life, contact our team of orthopedic specialists to seek effective treatment that restores your quality of life.

    Would you like to know a little bit more about us? Please read all about our story and our team of orthopedists, then call 425-800-0609 to schedule treatment in Issaquah, Poulsbo, Laurelhurst, West Seattle, or surrounding areas.



    Searching for an Orthopedic Surgeon Near Me? Contact Us for the Best Orthopedic Care in Issaquah, WA

    OPA Ortho is a multi-faceted orthopedics center in Issaquah, WA, providing world-class orthopedics care throughout the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to providing the best orthopedic care, including custom bracing, orthopedic surgery, orthotics, physical therapy, digital imaging, MRIs, and casting.

    When you contact our orthopedic doctors in Issaquah, you can expect to enjoy:

    • Well-equipped treatment centers
    • Patient-centered care
    • Wide range of accepted health plans
    • Board-certified staff

    We also provide helpful orthopedic information for patients that help them understand how to better care for themselves at home during their recovery.

    Contact us at 425-800-0609 or leave a message after hours to receive a callback from a friendly member of our staff within 24 hours. Alternatively, if you are searching for orthopedic doctors in your area and you live in Issaquah or nearby, you can visit one of our clinics Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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    For acute orthopedic injuries after scheduled clinic and urgent care hours, please utilize the HURT! app, in partnership with OPAOrtho, for fast, free access to orthopedic advice with a response time of less than 4 minutes.  Download here www.poweredbyhurt.com/opaortho