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OPA Ortho is a great choice for reputable healthcare experts to treat your aching shoulder in Burien, WA. Nobody gives the shoulders or clavicles much thought until they hurt, whether due to an injury, age, or disease. However, at that point, all that matters is finding a solution.

Do you need effective shoulder pain relief in Burien or the surrounding communities? You need a reliable orthopedic specialist. So, if you’ve recently suffered from an injury or you experience chronic pain in your shoulders, why not contact OPA Ortho?

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What Causes Shoulder Pain in Burien?

Your shoulders and clavicle connect to your arms, ribcage, and spine. These bones help you balance your body weight with any extra weight you choose to carry.

Shoulder pain may occur for numerous reasons.

  • Osteomyelitis. Bone infection can spread through the blood.
  • Fractures. Too much weight on your shoulders or clavicle can break them.
  • Bad Posture. Sleeping or sitting awkwardly can cause pain or exacerbate other issues.
  • Bruises. Blunt force trauma bruises and strains shoulders.
  • Inflamed Tendons. Discomfort arises when bones trap the rotator cuff tendons.
  • Spine. Spinal problems from slipped discs or injured vertebrae cause shoulder pain.

Certain underlying conditions, such as heart disease and arthritis, can also cause shoulder pain Burien residents don’t expect. Even without severe symptoms, you should seek treatment before the pain develops into a more serious condition.

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Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

What symptoms will you likely experience before you notice a painful shoulder in Burien? It depends on the type of injury or condition. Your primary care physician should carefully catalog your symptoms to ensure they choose the correct course of action or seek help from a specialist.

The symptoms associated with common shoulder injuries include the following:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears. These injuries happen when your shoulder joint can no longer control the shoulder muscle due to a tear in the tissue. You may experience pain with some physical activities or exercises, decreased range of motion, and popping or cracking in the shoulder.
  • Impingements. Have you braved a sea kayak on Puget Sound and come off second-best? Impingements are often sports injuries. You may feel pain originating from the top of the injured shoulder or experience weakened arm movement.
  • Frozen Shoulder. This condition develops when you haven’t used your shoulder for an extended period, perhaps due to a previous injury or extended bed rest. You’ll experience consistent stiffness that prevents you from performing normal tasks.

These are just a few examples of injuries and conditions that require prompt shoulder treatment in Burien, WA. Don’t wait if you experience these symptoms; speak to our orthopedic physicians!

What To Do If You Need Shoulder Pain Relief in Burien

If you suffer from sudden shoulder pain or stiffness, stop using it to avoid overworking it for a few days. Ice packs can reduce pain and inflammation. You may also need to consider using some over-the-counter analgesics, like Ibuprofen.

Keep an eye out for worsening shoulder symptoms such as:

  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Feverish warmth around the affected area
  • Inflammation
  • Inability to move as you did before
  • Pain that disrupts your sleep, doesn’t respond to medications or persists for days

These symptoms may indicate a serious injury or condition and may worsen if you overuse the sore shoulder. Although you may feel tempted to work the pain out with repetitive motion, avoid doing so unless directed by a physician.

If you want a professional assessment, set up an appointment with our experienced team. Leave the drama to the Burien Actors Theatre, and let us help you heal and regain your range of motion.

Our Options for Shoulder Treatment in Burien

What will our physicians do before treating your condition? The first step is to use any information you provide and evidence from your initial visit to provide an accurate diagnosis. Only once we understand your concerns and struggles will we be able to develop a treatment plan that targets the source of your pain for quality care.

We often recommend the following treatments in King County:

  • Physical Therapy: Improves strength and decreases pain
  • Medication: Provides relief that combats inflammation to improve comfort and rest quality
  • Therapies: Deep heat or ice reduce swelling or stiffness
  • Movement: Gentle exercise routines build shoulder strength at home
  • Rest: Prevents deterioration and aids healing

Find Effective Shoulder Pain Treatment in Burien

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