“I live in Summerland B.C. My story began July 2015 when my x-rays revealed the fact that I needed 2 total hip joint replacements.
In October, I saw a surgeon in Penticton. He told me he would take my case and that it would be 18 months to 2 years before I would have the first operation. At this point, we contacted the Swedish Orthopedic Institute in Seattle. After sending my x-rays, fortunately, Dr. Laura Matsen Ko agreed to take my case. I had the first operation on December 2nd. A total success, no pain from that day on! At my post-op appointment we made a date for my second hip as Dr. Matsen Ko was having a baby in January, we made the appointment for March 24th. That date could not come fast enough!! Another successful operation. I put my cane away the middle of April, and I have been enjoying my routine life ever since. I recommend this total hip replacement with an anterior surgical approach. There are no restrictions. My recovery was very quick and pain free. I recommend Dr. Laura Matsen Ko. She is very professional and very caring.”

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