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    Arthritis Treatment in Burien

    People who suffer from arthritis in Burien, WA, don’t just experience chronic pain and discomfort. The condition can also cause life-altering disabilities and negatively impact your quality of life.

    At OPA Ortho, we treat and diagnose and treat several types of arthritis with diverse methods. Why not call us today to schedule an appointment at our reputable arthritis treatment center in Washington?

    Symptoms of Arthritis in Burien

    Arthritis is a rheumatic disease that affects a person’s joints. It causes inflammation, which leads to loss of function in the affected areas.

    If you struggle with arthritis, you might experience a wide range of symptoms like:

    • Joint pain that inhibits movement
    • Feverish warm skin around the joint
    • Muscle and joint weakness
    • Difficulties with movement or normal tasks involving the affected area

    Aging, coupled with damage and overuse of the joints, can cause or exacerbate arthritis. Other contributing factors include genetics, weight, and comorbidities.

    rheumatoid arthritis treatment

    Arthritis Diagnosis in Burien

    At OPA Ortho, we may use different methods to make an arthritis diagnosis in Burien, WA, using them to determine the severity of your condition and pinpoint the location. From there, we’ll work with you to find an applicable treatment method.

    Laboratory Tests

    Numerous laboratory tests can help diagnose arthritis in our Burien patients. An orthopedic specialist will collect samples of certain bodily fluids, looking at higher or lower levels of certain substances.

    Common lab tests we use include:

    • Hematocrit tests to measure red blood cell levels
    • Tests that check your white blood cell count
    • Complete blood count panels for red and white blood cells
    • Antinuclear antibody tests and more


    We use X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to diagnose arthritis. For example, these imaging methods can photograph visual signs of inflammation in a specific area that’s painful or immobile.

    Complications from Arthritis in Burien, WA

    Many people mistakenly believe that arthritis only causes joint pain. However, it can lead to more debilitating conditions if left untreated.

    Damaged Joints

    Arthritis degrades joint tissues like cartilage over time. This soft tissue cushions the connection between one bone and another, allowing you to move painlessly. That’s why hand arthritis treatment or knee arthritis treatment would focus on these tissues to improve mobility and prevent further joint damage.

    Chronic Pain

    Since constant inflammation puts pressure on soft tissues, it can cause chronic pain in the affected areas. Rheumatoid arthritis treatment and psoriatic arthritis treatment can alleviate the pain associated with these conditions, improving your quality of life.

    Decreased Range of Motion

    Your arthritis might manifest as stiffness rather than pain. The inflammation often prevents you from natural movement and worsens without treatment to further deplete your range of motion.

    Cardiovascular Complications

    People with arthritic conditions may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular complications. These complications can lead to high blood pressure, heart attacks, and heart failure.

    Choose Us for Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment in Burien

    If you need comprehensive orthopedic care for arthritis in Burien, WA, count on OPA Ortho for targeted treatment methods. We can help you manage your arthritis for a better quality of life, so schedule an appointment with us online today!

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