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    According to The Seattle Times, Seattle, WA, one being wet and the other being dry. However, as the weather changes, so does the barometric pressure, affecting those with osteoarthritis and other knee pain. Every ten-degree drop from afternoon highs to nighttime lows also increases pain, so consider knee conditions and treatments in Northgate to reduce irritation.

    At OPA Ortho, we understand what’s most important to you is getting back to your life, which includes partaking in all the daily activities you’ve put on hold because of your condition. With about 200 board-certified physicians scattered throughout our 100 Washington care centers, visit one of our convenient locations and become one of 97% of patients who recommend our skills.

    What Does It Mean To Have Conditions of the Knee?

    Conditions of the knee don’t usually include the temporary pain or swelling that comes with banging your knee on your end table. However, if stiffness, inflammation, swelling, or pain occur frequently or remain constant, they can reduce mobility and point to deeper problems.

    Rather than ignore the affliction, which leads to further knee damage or more recurring symptoms, contact a professional for a diagnosis. You may have anything, from a tissue tear or kneecap fracture after an accident or sports injury to osteoarthritis or another condition, any of which our specialized team can care for.

    knee pain conditions Northgate

    What Are the Types of Knee Pain Conditions and Knee Pain Causes?

    There are three primary causes of knee pain. One stems from injury-causing accidents resulting in ruptures, tears, or sprains. The next derives from long-term misuse. The final form is rooted in underlying diseases.

    Injury-Related Conditions

    Knee pain conditions that stem from injuries usually occur from high-contact sports, heavy lifting, and other accidents like slips and falls. For instance, in ACL injuries, an anterior cruciate ligament tear occurs when there’s an abrupt change in running direction, like during soccer or basketball. A torn meniscus also happens when a sudden twist or heavy weight affects the cartilage between the thigh and shinbone.

    For more on knee conditions and treatments in Northgate, consider these other injury-related conditions:

    • Fractures, usually from falls and automobile accidents, cause the kneecap and surrounding knee bones to crack
    • Knee bursitis from sudden blows to the knee cause the fluid sac outside the knee joint to become inflamed
    • Patellar tendinitis from jumping and running promotes irritation in the fibrous patellar tendon

    Long-term Misuse

    Your knees carry your entire body weight daily, placing a lot of pressure on the joints. If you’re overweight or lift heavy objects frequently, you’re adding to the strain you put on them. After some time, the cartilage and surrounding protective tissues wear down, causing the bones to rub together and cause friction.

    If you have hobbies that work your knees harder regularly, from jogging or playing sports to alpine skiing, repetitive stress can also put you at risk of long-term injury, but the opposite is also true. Those with more sedentary lifestyles stretch their knees less, which makes the joints weaker and more susceptible to ailments.

    Orthopedic Conditions of the Knee From Underlying Diseases

    The most common orthopedic conditions of the knee stemming from underlying diseases include arthritis. According to Mayo Clinic, there are more than 100 different arthritis ailments that affect the knees, but the following are the most evident when considering knee conditions and treatments in Northgate:

    •     Osteoarthritis: Knee cartilage deteriorates with age or excessive use
    •     Septic Arthritis: Infections, such as from UTIs, travel through the bloodstream and affect the joint, causing swelling, redness, and pain
    •     Rheumatoid Arthritis: When the immune system attacks healthy cells, this chronic disease immobilizes not just knee joints but joints all over the body
    •     Gout: High levels of uric acid in the body causes urate crystal accumulation in the joints, creating pain and swelling

    Treating Knee Joint Conditions and Other Ailments!

    Knee treatments without surgery, such as sprained knee treatments, are usually simple, consisting of hot and cold therapy to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. Elevating your knee and getting plenty of rest also help in minor cases, but compression and physical therapy are ideal if you need something more. Also, ask your doctor if a knee brace or anti-inflammatory drugs will help.

    Knee pain relief may require surgery, especially if the joint isn’t responding to the treatments above or structural damage has occurred. When you contact OPA Ortho, we’ll examine the ailment and determine the best treatments for knee pain. Call 206-309-4374 for knee conditions and treatments in Northgate, Seattle, WA, today!

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