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    Best Spine Pain Conditions, Treatment Near You in Lynnwood

    Back pain is often an indicator of certain spine conditions, some being more serious than others. Though sometimes sleeping in the wrong position may cause this discomfort, ongoing or sharp pains in the back may indicate a spinal issue. As the spine is one of the most integral parts of your body due to its connections to the brain and role in commanding movement, you should address spine pain immediately. 

    If you have started to experience spine pain in Lynnwood, WA, contact our experienced medical professional staff at OPA Ortho. The sooner you catch and treat spinal issues, the higher the likelihood that your condition will improve. 

    Spine Diagnosis and Treatment in Lynnwood, WA

    Spine conditions can not only prove painful, but they can also disrupt your daily routine. Chores as simple as sweeping the floor may seem inaccessible with a bad back, meaning that you cannot live with the same fluidity and ease as before. Furthermore, spine pain in Lynnwood, WA, can indicate a serious and potentially life-threatening condition if left untreated. 

    If you have recurring back pain, contact us at OPA Ortho for a spine diagnosis. Our physicians have years of experience in diagnosing spinal conditions and prescribing treatments that will either mitigate or eliminate said issues. 

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    Symptoms of Spine Conditions

    Common symptoms that indicate that you should seek out spine pain treatment include: 

    • Sciatica: This condition affects the leg. You will notice sciatica if you feel pain, weakness, or tingling in your leg, particularly concentrated in the gluteal area. As the hips are closely connected with the spine, sciatica may indicate a spine condition. 
    • Lumbar Pain: The lumbar region refers to your lower back. Pain in the lumbar region may originate from several conditions, such as an injury to the muscles/tendons, arthritis, and more. 
    • Chronic Back or Spinal Pain: Even if your back pain is not overwhelming, chronic discomfort indicates a larger issue. You should schedule an appointment with a pain and spine treatment center to fix the underlying problem immediately. 
    • Stiffness or Pinching: Stiffness often indicates an issue with the back muscles. However, stiffness can also point to another problem, such as sciatica, meaning it is important to see a professional if your back feels rigid. Pinching sensations are also abnormal and may indicate that surrounding tissues have compressed or trapped a nerve. 

    If you notice any of these symptoms or other abnormalities in your back, contact OPA Orthopedics. Our spine diagnostic and pain treatment center can identify your problem and create a treatment plan specific to your issue to reduce your pain significantly. 

    Diagnosis of Spine Pain and Conditions

    To diagnose spine conditions, we begin by performing a visual and tactile exam. We will check your posture, feel your back, ask you to bend your legs, test your reflexes, and more. As we perform this initial exam, we will also ask you questions about your medical history, how your back pain feels, where you feel the most pain, etc. 

    After we perform this initial examination process, we may need to use a diagnostic imaging tool to take a closer look at your condition. Here are some examples of the tests we may perform. 


    We may order an X-ray if we believe that you have a broken bone or spinal fracture, misalignment, or changes due to aging. X-rays help us examine the bones themselves. 

    MRI or CT Scans

    These types of scans take multiple images to form a 3D picture of your body with more detail than an X-ray. These scans help us identify problems with the soft tissues, nerves, discs, ligaments, and more. 

    Blood Tests

    If we believe that a certain chronic, inflammatory, or medical condition has led to your back pain, we will perform blood tests to identify the exact condition.

    Nerve Studies

    If we believe that you have suffered from nerve damage or compression, we may perform a non-invasive electromyography (EMG) exam to test nerve root activity in your spine.

    Treatment for Spine Pain | What You Can Do

    Though you can try at-home remedies for pain, such as hot and cold treatments or hot baths, it is best to contact our clinic as soon as possible. At OPA Ortho, we can prescribe an effective treatment for spine pain that can reduce your pain significantly and treat the root problem. 

    Lynnwood’s Premier Spine Diagnostic and Pain Treatment Center

    If you’re ready to invest in lower, upper, or middle spine pain treatment, contact our team at OPA Orthopedics. Contact one of our six locations or schedule an appointment online to alleviate spine pain in Lynnwood, WA, today.

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