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    Best Spine Pain Conditions, Treatment Near You in Burien

    If you need treatment that targets your spine in Burien, WA, don’t wait to schedule an appointment. Painful spine conditions are common, affecting even the smallest daily functions like standing, sitting, or lying down. If your spine hurts or causes discomfort, it may also affect your mobility, range of motion, and balance to make daily life a little more challenging.

    If you want solutions, contact our team of skilled, experienced orthopedic physicians. OPA Ortho can put you on the road to recovery for a life free from discomfort—call us today!

    Spine Treatment Burien

    Causes of Spine Pain in Burien

    Pain conditions that originate in the spine may develop from injuries, bad posture, or genetic predispositions. If you walked away from a car wreck without a scratch a year ago, you might not feel the effects in your spine until a year later. Yet, at other times, a person will twist their back in such a way that causes sharp pain to immediately radiate from the spine.

    So, what are the most common spine conditions we encounter in our Burien practice?

    • Bad Mattresses. Unnatural sleeping positions or unsupportive mattresses overwork certain muscles or vertebrae to support your weight.
    • Overuse. Overusing the spine during physical activity like sports or hard labor may develop into chronic pain.
    • Disc Injuries. Slipped discs may occur from sudden, violent injuries, like car wrecks or falls. Such injuries develop when the gel-like disc that cushions your vertebrae slips out of place.  
    • Wear and Tear. Age wears down all body parts, including compromising strength in the back muscles to place more pressure on your discs and vertebrae. 
    • Conditions. Underlying conditions, including arthritis or scoliosis, can cause chronic pain from inflammation, spine curvature, and more.
    • Nerves. Conditions like sciatica develop when soft tissues or bones put too much pressure on your sciatic nerve. 

    An accurate spine diagnosis requires a thorough examination as well as an in-depth understanding of your symptoms.  

    Symptoms of Spine Conditions in Burien

    A spine condition may not always cause back pain. You may instead feel discomfort in other body parts, such as your neck, shoulders, or legs. Check if the symptoms listed below apply to your condition:

    • Neck pain
    • Sharp, shooting pain in your leg
    • Arm and leg weakness
    • Numbness or tingling in your extremities
    • Muscle spasms

    Since your spine plays such an integral role in your daily functions, its weakness may force other body parts to overcompensate. Many people also struggle with chronic pain radiating from their lower back or shoulders as follows:

    • Dull, insistent pain could indicate muscle weakness. 
    • Sharp, sudden pain could indicate a pinched nerve. 

    Diagnosis of Spine Pain and Conditions in Burien

    Effective treatment for spine pain requires more than just immediate pain relief–you need someone who specializes in spine pain treatment to assess your symptoms. At our spine diagnostic and pain treatment center, we often use the following methods to diagnose issues with your spine in Burien, WA. 


    We use an X-ray to take multiple detailed photographs of your spine. The X-ray allows us to look at your skeletal system by sending beams through your body as it records images. The process is not painful.

    MRI or CT Scans

    MRIs and CT scans collect a series of layered images to form a 3D picture of your spine. This technology provides more detail than an x-ray. So we typically use it for diving deeper into your soft tissues. 

    Blood Tests

    Sometimes, an underlying condition can cause chronic back pain. If we can’t find a cause using the imaging technology above, we may decide to administer blood tests to check for autoimmune or inflammatory conditions. 

    Nerve Studies

    Your back pain may originate from a damaged or pinched nerve. If so, we will use nerve studies to locate the nerves under constant pressure from your spinal tissues and bones. 

    What to Do If You Need Spine Pain Treatment in Burien

    If you struggle with spine pain in Burien, you should seek professional medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you notice an improvement in symptoms, an assessment and treatment regimen from a specialist can prevent your pain from worsening or returning. However, while you wait, fight the urge to take a lovely stroll around Lake Burien and get some rest in a position that completely supports your back.

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