Introducing a new way to check-in!

Introducing a new way to check-in!

In an effort to reduce your time in the clinic and keep you safe we have a new fast, convenient, and more private mobile check-in process.


Check-in with your mobile device.

Confirm your appointment via text message or email and, when you arrive for your appointment, you can check-in at the office using your own mobile device or one we gladly provide for you.

Securely register or pay your copay from any smartphone, tablet, or computer – even from the privacy of your own home!


Here’s How it Works

A few days before your appointment you’ll receive a text message or email from Phreesia (our new check-in platform). Click the link provided and follow the simple on-screen prompts. From here you can pay your copay, update your medical information, or give us important information prior to your appointment. When you arrive, simply let our front desk team know and we’ll be out to call you back for your appointment shortly.


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