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    Best Hand & Wrist Pain Treatment Near You in Burien

    Hand and wrist conditions affect a large number of Burien residents.

    These conditions are common, uncomfortable (often painful), and limit mobility in the hands and wrists.

    Because many adults rely heavily on the functionality of their hands to complete everyday tasks and usually their occupations, receiving treatment for hand and wrist conditions is vitally important.
    Hand and wrist Conditions and Treatments Burien

    What are Common Hand & Wrist Conditions?

    Before we explore effective remedies, here is a list of some of the most common hand and wrist conditions that affect Burien residents.

    If you begin to experience painful symptoms or have a family history of certain of these conditions, speak with a Burien orthopedic specialist to find out your best preventative or treatment options.

    Arthritis in the Hands or Wrists

    Arthritis while not curable per se, can be greatly slowed down with the right treatment.

    This condition causes painful swelling and uncomfortable grinding of the bones since it causes cartilage to deteriorate. Arthritis can affect the wrists or the hands, limiting function and causing pain.

    By working with an orthopedic specialist, you will understand how to best treat and slow the onset of arthritis so that you can enjoy full use of your hands and wrists.

    Carpal Tunnel Affecting the Hands & Wrists

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects the largest nerve in the hand — the median nerve.

    When carpal tunnel syndrome is developed, this nerve becomes pinched somewhere along the way from the wrist to the hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes several unpleasant symptoms such as shooting pain, tingling, or numbness in the wrists or hands.

    Depending on the severity of your carpal tunnel, Burien orthopedic specialists will recommend the best treatment option for you. There are various remedies for carpal tunnel including surgical as well as non-surgical options.

    Hand or Wrist Fractures

    Fractures in the hands or wrists can occur due to a physical impact as well as repetitive motion and are extremely painful.

    If left untreated, hand or wrist fractures can have lasting consequences — even permanently limiting hand or wrist function. Due to a large number of small bones in the hand that connects and affects movement, a fracture to either the hand or wrist is serious and difficult to treat.

    If you suspect that you have a fracture in your hand or wrist, don’t delay in getting treatment for your condition. Contact OPA in Burien to speak with an orthopedic specialist about getting fracture treatment.

    Tendonitis Affecting the Hands & Wrists

    The soft, connective tissue that runs through your hands and wrists are called tendons. If tendons become damaged, they may swell resulting in tendonitis, a painful condition that reduces mobility throughout the hands and wrists.

    Joint Dislocation

    If you have sustained a forceful blow to either your hand or your wrist and are experiencing lasting pain, you may be suffering from a dislocated joint.

    Joint dislocation is very painful and necessitates orthopedic care to remedy.

    If you suspect that you have dislocated a joint in your hand or wrist, contact OPA in Burien today.

    What Factors Cause Hand or Wrist Conditions?

    While various reasons may lead to the development of hand or wrist conditions, here are some of the biggest factors that might play a part in causing hand or wrist injuries.

    Overuse injuries

    One of the most common causes of hand and wrist injuries, simply overusing muscles and joints can result in tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or fractures.

    If your work requires you to use your hands or wrists in repetitive motions, take the time every day to stretch the areas that you use to mitigate your risk of developing an overuse injury.

    Genetic Disorders

    If members of your family struggle with conditions like arthritis in the hands or wrists, you may be at increased risk of developing a similar condition. As preventative care, contact an orthopedic specialist to learn about how you can decrease your likelihood of developing hand or wrist conditions.

    Trauma to the Hands or Wrists

    Trauma to the hands or wrists due to sports injuries, car or bicycle accidents creates short and longterm physical consequences. To avoid lasting effects from an injury, contact an orthopedic specialist in specialist in Burien following any accidents.

    How to Recover From a Hand or Wrist Condition

    Here at OPA in Burien, we have a team of orthopedic specialists who are passionate about helping our patients recover full mobility in their hands and wrists.

    We know the effect that a hand or wrist injury has on an individual’s life and want to help Burien residents stay healthy and avoid pain.

    Give OPA in Burien a call to schedule a consultation with an orthopedic doctor today.

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