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    Best Hand & Wrist Conditions And Treatments Near You in Kirkland

    We use our hands and wrists every day.

    We rely on them to function properly so that we are able to work and accomplish our personal goals.

    The inner workings of our hands and wrists are extremely complex and utilize dozens of muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. We need all of those elements to be functioning optimally in order for our hands and wrists to function.

    If we have any stiffness or issues with joints, muscles, or tendons anywhere in the wrists or hands, it can affect the way we move and limit our mobility.

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    What Causes Hand & Wrist Conditions?

    You’re probably wondering how wrist and hand problems occur so that you can do your best to avoid them. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

    Hand and wrist issues can develop gradually over time due to repetitive use or may suddenly appear after an injury.

    It might be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your hand or wrist problems, but regardless of the cause, if you are facing issues, it’s time to find professional help.


    Hand & Wrist Treatments in Kirkland

    Orthopedic specialists are specially trained to identify, diagnose, and treat problems in the wrists or hands. They will help you understand the challenges you are facing and give you actionable advice for solving your hand and wrist conditions.

    Here at OPA, we have a team of skilled hand and wrists orthopedic physicians who are eager to help you find a solution to your current health hurdle.

    We understand the impact that hand and wrist conditions can have over an individual’s life and want to help our patients overcome physical barriers so that they can continue their lives without their daily activities being inhibited.

    If you or a loved one is struggling with hand or wrist trauma, please contact our Kirkland office to speak with one of our team members.

    Our passion is helping our patients heal. We want to help you get back to your previous level of activity through effective hand and wrist treatments.


    Common Conditions that Affect Hand and Wrist Function

    Most people will suffer from hand or wrist issues at some point during their lifetime.

    We use our hands and wrists for so much throughout everyday life that it is unreasonable to expect that we’ll never face hand or wrist conditions.

    There so many complex mechanisms at play when it comes to hand and wrist function that are unseen. Just as every bodily function depends on its neighbor to allow you to go about your daily life, you wrists and hands are working together to allow you to function.

    Did you know that connective tissues stretch all the way from your elbow to your wrists? So if there’s a problem in your elbow, chances are that it has the ability to affect not just your elbow, but also your wrist and hand.

    Here are some common hand and wrist conditions that we treat in Kirkland:

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that affects people who make repetitive movements with their hands (such as typing, chopping food, playing piano, or playing certain sports).

    This condition is caused when the nerve that travels to your wrist (called the median nerve) is pinched. This pinch can happen at any point along the nerve and results in uncomfortable symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or shooting pain.

    This condition is often treated using surgical as well as non-surgical methods. If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel in your wrists or hands, contact OPA in Kirkland to speak with a professional about your best treatment options for your condition.

    Cysts and Tumors

    It is not uncommon to have lumps or cysts to develop in the wrists or hands.

    Tumors known as glycol cysts can take on various shapes and sizes and limit mobility in the wrists or hands. Finding an unusual lump beneath the surface of your skin is concerning and should always be addressed by a medical professional.

    Tumors and cysts can result in painful movement, limited mobility in the hand or wrist, and self-consciousness about physical appearance.

    If you have developed a lump of any kind on your wrist or hand, consult an orthopedic physician in Kirkland immediately.

    Arthritis in the Hands or Wrists

    A common condition, arthritis causes weakness and deterioration of the cartilage that cushions bones between our joints. Individuals who suffer from hand or wrist arthritis report painful swelling, an unpleasant feeling of grinding of the joints, and episodes of pain.

    If you suffer from hand or wrist arthritis, you can mitigate your symptoms by consulting an orthopedic physician in your area. Working with a hand and wrist specialist will help you understand your treatment options and learn more about your condition.

    Hand & Wrist Fractures

    Fractures in the hands and wrists are extremely common.

    This is because we tend to try and catch ourselves using our hands or wrists when we fall. Landing on your hand or wrist causes it to absorb all of the trauma from your fall — resulting in a fracture.

    While many people think that they will heal over time from wrist and hand fractures, if left without proper care, these conditions can greatly worsen, leaving you with limited mobility in your hand or wrist.

    Ligament Injuries

    Ligaments are soft connective tissues that are used to balance out movement.

    These tissues can be easily damaged due to overuse or trauma, resulting in painful bruising. If left untreated, ligament injuries can result in worsening pain and additional ligament issues.

    If ligaments in your hands or wrists have recently developed issues, you should see an orthopedic physician immediately. Ligaments directly affect the functionality and movement of our wrists and hands.

    Chronic pain and difficulty with movement should not be something that you have to live with, get the care you deserve at OPA today.

    Joint Dislocation

    Joint dislocation occurs when there is a force that suddenly displaces the bones that comprise the joint.

    Injuries resulting from joint dislocation are often severe with consequences that last a long time. If you have had joint dislocation in your wrist or hands, it’s essential to seek medical attention for it immediately.


    How To Find The Best Hand & Wrist Orthopedic Specialist In Kirkland

    Word of Mouth

    Know anyone who’s struggled with hand or wrist problems in the past? This can be the perfect way to find orthopedic specialists in your area that are trustworthy.

    Word of mouth counts for a lot when it comes to finding physicians that you truly trust and are suited for treating your condition. Ask around your area or talk with your friends and ask if they have anyone that they’d recommend.

    Reputation and Experience

    Trusting an orthopedic specialist with your health shouldn’t be a matter that you take lightly.

    When searching for an orthopedic specialist in Kirkland, carefully scrutinize the orthopedic physician’s previous work and experience. You want a specialist that has experience working with the particular injury that you have.

    Here at OPA, we have a team of physicians that understand the inner workings of the bones, muscles, and joints in both the wrists and hands.

    Our caring team of hand and wrist physicians in Kirkland wants to help you understand your injury and start you down the best road for recovery.

    Schedule a Consultation

    One of the best ways of finding a good hand and wrist physician is by scheduling a consultation to meet in person with one.

    This meeting will help you better understand your condition and see what the orthopedic physician’s approach is to conditions like yours.


    Find Your Orthopedic Specialist in Kirkland

    A reliable orthopedic specialist is only a phone call away. At OPA Ortho in Kirkland, our caring team of physicians and staff make it their goal to give our patients the most comfortable and stress-free experience possible.

    We understand the limitations that hand and wrist conditions place you in and we want to help you get back to your normal routine and activities.

    Our orthopedic specialists in Kirkland will help you accelerate the healing process and give you a deeper understanding of your condition as well as ways to mitigate damaging impact on your wrists and hands in the future.

    To schedule an appointment with a seasoned orthopedic specialist, contact OPA Ortho today.

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