Orthopedic Walk In Near Me | Certified Specialist

Orthopedic Walk In Near Me | Certified Specialist

You may be experiencing pain in your joints, or perhaps you injured yourself going down the stairs. Movement is a part of our everyday lives, but sometimes it can be difficult or painful. OPA Ortho is here to help when the movement gets tough – whether it is through diagnostics, finding the right orthopedic physician, or finding a treatment plan that works for your needs. You might even be wondering ‘Where can I find an orthopedic walk in clinic near me?’ Well, OPA Ortho is here to help.

OPA Ortho is your single stop for all things orthopedic, whether it is patient resources, locating a physician or physician assistant, or acquiring urgent orthopedic care closest to you.


Orthopedic Specialist Services

At OPA Ortho, we can help you find specialist orthopedic services near you. Read below for a list of some of the specialist orthopedic services we offer.



Your first port of call when contacting us will most likely be diagnostics. Our wide-ranging diagnostic approaches are designed to help ascertain the cause of your pain or discomfort, as well as to formulate the best treatment plan that gets you back on track as quickly as possible.

We use diagnostic X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, pedCAT CT scans, and EMGs as diagnostic tools to pinpoint where your discomfort and pain is, as well as what is causing it. Based on this, we can formulate a treatment plan through our orthopedic physicians or physician assistants, depending on the diagnosis and treatment plan.


Durable Medical Equipment

Although OPA Ortho can assist with various surgical interventions, we can also assist with non-surgical treatments for your musculoskeletal complaints. This is where durable medical equipment comes in. 

Not only is durable medical equipment helpful in alleviating pain and preventing further injury, but it is also helpful in the rehabilitative process after surgery, should surgical intervention prove to be necessary.

All our equipment is custom fitted for you, and our trained technicians and orthopedic assistants are here to help. Some of the medical equipment we provide include:

  • Shoulder slings
  • Knee braces
  • Ice wraps (helpful in post-operative recovery)
  • Hip braces
  • Foot and ankle braces
  • Elbow orthotics
  • Crutches
  • Cervical collars
  • Carpal tunnel supports
  • Canes
  • Back supports
  • Air cast walking boots

We also provide orthotic shoe devices for your feet, which are durable insoles inserted into your shoe and used to support your feet and limit the range of motion your feet, especially when walking. Orthotics prevent the foot from bending too much, which can lead to osteoarthritis if left unchecked. Our range of orthotics is large, but custom-fit orthotics are also available should they be required.


PRP Injections

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections are a procedure where a patient’s own blood (which has concentrated platelets above the baseline level) is used to heal injured musculoskeletal components – most explicitly joints, torn ligaments, torn tendons, and muscle injuries.

Platelets in the blood release cytokines and growth factors, which make their way to damaged tissue and aid in its repair and healing. This type of treatment is preferred by many patients as it is minimally invasive and can be performed in the physician’s office.  


Advantages of Orthopedic Clinic Near You

There are innumerable advantages of accessing an orthopedic walk in near me. For one thing, if you require urgent orthopedic care as a result of a wound or injury, it is imperative to get to the closest orthopedic clinic so that diagnostics can be run and the extent of the damage can be ascertained and treated promptly before complications or further damage occurs.

In addition, it is important to have an orthopedic clinic close by so that follow-up appointments, rehabilitation appointments, and other specialist services that may be required as part of your treatment plan are easily accessible and require a minimal commute, especially if you are injured to an extent that driving is not possible. In a case like this, it is helpful to have an orthopedic clinic nearby so that you can get to the clinic with the help of public transportation or other means, which are easier to access if your clinic is close by.

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Why Choose OPA Ortho?

OPA Ortho is the primary provider of orthopedic and musculoskeletal health services in the Pacific Northwest.

OPA Ortho prides itself in offering the best patient resources, and connects patients with board-certified and experienced orthopedic professionals, with a variety of subspecialties that are able to cater to every patient’s unique needs.

OPA Ortho is also committed to ensuring that everyone has access to quality orthopedic care, which is why we have also expanded our services to include telehealth, which allows patients to have orthopedic consultations through digital channels. This makes orthopedic care more accessible to more people. So, if you want to have this kind of service, just search it on google and type “orthopedic walk in clinic near me”.

OPA Ortho strives to provide you with the best orthopedic diagnostics, treatment, and care so that you can get back to living your life to the absolute fullest in a comfortable, mobile, and pain-free way.

Request an appointment today or call us for all things orthopedic, so that we can assist you with the best way forward to a pain-free and fully mobile life. 

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