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    PRP Treatment Kirkland

    If you struggle with pain from a chronic injury, or searching for an alternative to surgery for an acute sports injury, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may be the answer. At Orthopedic Physician Associates (OPA), we offer PRP treatments in Kirkland for anyone who wants to treat their injury safely and effectively, getting them back to their active lifestyle without surgery or downtime.

    What is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy?

    Platelet-rich plasma is plasma from your blood containing a high concentration of platelets.  Most people understand that after an injury, platelets move to the site of the problem, ensuring that the blood clots properly to limit bleeding. However, platelets also contain healing proteins that both help your body heal and encourage other healing factors to activate. When platelets mobilize to an injury site, they let your body know that it’s time to begin healing. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an autologous process, meaning that it uses material from your own body.

    Normal blood is only made up of approximately six percent of platelets. But because PRP concentrates the blood we draw, it contains nearly 94% of platelets. The proteins in platelets work to initiate new tissue growth and accelerate the healing of damaged tissue or bone. Injecting a large volume of platelets in the injured area tricks your body into increasing its usual healing response, encouraging faster healing, shorter recovery times, and reduced pain.

    At Orthopedic Physician Associates, we use platelet-rich plasma injections to boost healing for chronic injuries including ligament strains or tears, tendinitis, and other cartilage or joint conditions.

    platelet rich plasma therapy Kirkland

    Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Safe and Effective?

    Because PRP therapy uses your own blood, it is a safe, very low-risk method of treatment. Research shows that after PRP treatment, pain and musculoskeletal functions improve, healing increases in both soft tissue and bone, and tendon strength improves. Since PRP uses the power of your own cells for healing, you’re reaping the benefits of an all-natural, minimally invasive treatment. Research verifying the validity of platelet-rich plasma therapy continues, but so far, it is proven safe and effective for rebuilding injured tissues.

    What to Expect During Your PRP Treatment

    Our skilled physicians perform your PRP treatment right in our office in just one visit. First, you meet with one of our doctors to go over your injury, examine the injured area, and determine if PRP is appropriate for your needs. Once it’s determined that platelet-rich plasma therapy is right for you, the process goes as follows:

    • Blood Draw – first, we obtain a sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge.
    • PRP Preparation – the centrifuge separates the blood into several components, and we isolate the plasma and platelets from the other cells in the blood.
    • PRP Injection – Next, we use ultrasound guidance to carefully and precisely inject the platelet-rich plasma into the injured area.

    Once you’ve received the injection, the process is complete. At OPA, our focus is on you, so our physicians do their best to ensure that you’re comfortable and as stress-free as possible during your treatment. We walk you through the entire process before beginning, as well as what to expect once your treatment is complete.

    After PRP Treatment

    Immediately after PRP treatment, we recommend a short recovery time, avoiding any strenuous exercise that engages the injured area. Most patients resume normal activities after 3-4 weeks, and we encourage beginning (or continuing) a physical therapy program to strengthen the muscles around your injury.

    Platelet-rich plasma therapy typically only requires one treatment to see improvement, though some patients may require additional treatments. Keep in mind, PRP is a gradual process, so you won’t experience immediate relief. Most patients see significant improvements between 6-8 weeks after their treatment.

    Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments in Kirkland, WA

    At Orthopedic Physician Associates, our trained and experienced doctors offer platelet-rich plasma therapy to our patients looking for a safe, effective, and natural treatment. Whether to avoid surgery or supplement it, PRP helps your body heal using the power of its own cells.

    OPA understands that injury treatments may be expensive. While PRP therapy is often not covered under insurance, our goal is to offer our patients the best in sports medicine at an affordable price. We offer transparent pricing, so you’re not surprised at any point with a higher cost, and you may request pricing information at any time with no obligation. Call Orthopedic Physician Associates today at 206-309-4943, and schedule an appointment for a consultation. If you’re looking for affordable, effective PRP treatments in Kirkland, OPA has the answer.

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