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    PRP Treatment Bellevue

    Orthopedic Physician Associates offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments in Bellevue to help heal injuries and restore damaged tendons, ligaments, joints, and skin. You probably have heard about sports personalities like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal getting PRP injections to help heal an injury.

    PRP injection is a fairly new treatment that uses your blood to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability and promote recovery from various orthopedic conditions, including sports injuries.


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    How PRP Injection Works

    Plasma is the liquid part of your blood, mostly composed of protein and water. It facilitates the movement of white and red blood cells and platelets through the bloodstream. Platelets are blood cells that help with blood clotting and healing.

    Platelet-rich plasma therapy starts with the doctor drawing blood from your body and using a machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. The whole process takes about ten minutes.

    The next step is to numb the area of the body you need to treat with PRP injection. Once you are numb, the doctor injects the plasma into the damaged tissue or injured area of the body using a needle. The doctor may use ultrasound technology during the treatment to ensure they are targeting the right spot.

    The treatment process often takes about 30 minutes, but it can take shorter or longer depending on your target area. Once injected into the injured area, the platelets disintegrate and release growth factors. These compounds promote cell repair and regeneration, stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

    PRP therapies are useful in treating torn tendons, muscle injuries, tendinitis, joint injuries, and arthritis-related pain. They are also becoming common for cosmetic procedures, such as skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment.

    After PRP Injection

    After PRP therapy, you can get back to your daily life activities. However, you should avoid strenuous tasks, like heavy exercise, until your doctor confirms full recovery. You may experience some discomfort after the procedure, which often lasts a few days.

    Side effects are rare but may include infection, scar tissue formation, nerve or blood vessel injury, and calcification at the PRP injection spot. You should avoid anti-inflammatory medications up to 48 hours after the treatment, as they usually undermine the platelet function.

    PRP injections are not ideal for individuals with:

    • Low platelet count or abnormal platelet function
    • Infection
    • Anemia
    • Cancer

    Don’t hesitate to call your doctor if you experience unremitting pain or any serious reaction after a PRP procedure.

    Benefits of PRP Treatment in Bellevue

    For years, platelet-rich plasma therapy has been beneficial for those suffering from acute and chronic pain. Increasingly more people are embracing these treatments as a simpler way to alleviate pain without surgery and other invasive procedures. PRP treatments also save you the stress of using strong pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

    Below are other major benefits of PRP treatment:

    Effective on Various Sports Injuries

    Platelet injection treatments provide relief to those suffering from trauma and other sports injuries that affect joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. They help restore the functionality and mobility of the injured muscle or joint much quicker than with surgery or other invasive procedures.

    Eliminates the Root Cause of Pain

    Traditional treatments usually offer temporary relief as they only suppress the inflammation and other chronic pain and injury symptoms. PRP treatment in Bellevue by the specialists at Orthopedic Physician Associates targets the root cause of the pain. It restores damaged tissue and strengthens muscles and joints, ensuring complete healing and long-term relief from pain.

    Affordable Alternative to Surgery

    In most cases, you don’t need to undergo an expensive surgical procedure to heal an injury to your tendon, ligament, muscle, or joint. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is an affordable and less invasive alternative to surgery. Unlike surgery, it has minimal downtime and recovery time, so you can quickly return to your daily activities.

    Safe with No Side Effects

    Because it uses natural elements from your body, PRP treatment is safe with no serious side effects.

    Get Reliable PRP Treatment in Bellevue

    If you want fast and lasting relief from pain due to sports injuries, osteoarthritis, or other musculoskeletal conditions, Orthopedic Physician Associates can help. We are a premier provider of platelet-rich injection treatment in Bellevue and the surrounding areas.

    Our PRP treatments are safe, effective, and affordable. Our experienced physicians and clinical staff work as a team to ensure you get a personalized experience throughout your time with us. Contact us today at (206) 309-4374 for more information about our PRP treatment in Bellevue or schedule an appointment.

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    The science behind PRP is based on the fact that the platelet-rich surface layer is rich in various growth factors and healing cytokines. These go to work on damaged tissue to assist in healing.

    The procedure is most often performed on partial tears in the Achilles Tendon and rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder as well as osteoarthritis of knees and hips, often using ultrasound guidance. PRP is done under sterile conditions in the office and must be arranged ahead of time. Feel free to discuss this procedure with any of our physicians or therapists and we can help you decide if it would be effective for your condition.

    *Please note: Most insurance plans consider PRP a non-covered service. Please inquire about our self-pay discount.




    For acute orthopedic injuries after scheduled clinic and urgent care hours, please utilize the HURT! app, in partnership with OPAOrtho, for fast, free access to orthopedic advice with a response time of less than 4 minutes.  Download here