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    PRP Treatment Seattle

    If you’re searching for the best PRP treatment Seattle, WA, has to offer, then OPA Orthopedics is the first treatment center that you should call. Our physicians and therapists have extensive experience providing regenerative treatments to clients throughout Seattle. We understand the power of using platelet-rich plasma to heal injuries and rejuvenate your body.


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    We use a multi-stage treatment approach to give your body the best chance of recovery. We’re always happy to discuss our PRP treatments with potential clients. If you want to speak to our PRP team at OPA Orthopedics in Seattle, WA, contact us at (206) 309-4762 now.

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    PRP Treatment Seattle – Our Process

    At OPA Orthopedics, we use a comprehensive approach to PRP treatments. It’s our goal to help your body heal itself. Let’s explore our PRP treatment process in more detail below.

    Initial Consultation

    To start, we’ll begin with an initial consultation that will overview your injury and needs. Our physicians will inspect your affected area and determine if PRP is a good treatment option. We’ll then develop a treatment strategy that is most suitable for your needs.

    Draw Blood

    Next, we’ll draw blood for use during the PRP therapy. We always do our best to make this step as pain-free as possible.

    Prepare PRP

    After we draw blood, it’s time to prepare the PRP therapy. We’ll put your blood in a centrifuge that separates its various components, creating the platelet-rich plasma.


    Next, we’ll inject the platelet-rich plasma into the target area. We will assess your body again to ensure we place the PRP injection in the best possible location. We’ll make sure to use techniques that reduce the pain associated with the infusion.

    At OPA Orthopedics, our goal is to make receiving PRP treatment in Seattle as stress-free as possible. Our physicians and therapists will be with you every step of the way. We inform all our clients about the process, as well as what to expect after you receive your injections.

    Benefits of PRP Injection Seattle

    If you’re wondering if platelet-rich plasma therapy is the correct type of treatment for you, it’s critical to understand the benefits. Below, let’s take a deep dive into some of the advantages associated with PRP therapy.

    Less Pain

    If you’re trying to heal an injury or a tendon problem, you may be considering surgery. While this can be a valuable tool for repairing your body, it can also be painful and require a lengthy recovery process. If you’re searching for an alternative treatment that doesn’t require the same level of invasiveness, it’s worth considering PRP therapy.

    Natural Treatment

    PRP therapy uses the power of platelet-rich plasma—not synthetic medicines. This approach means that you’re benefiting from a natural treatment that doesn’t carry the same dependency risks you find in some medications.


    Unlike other injury treatments, the purpose of a PRP injection is to stimulate your body to heal itself. If you want to access a regenerative therapy that promotes self-healing, PRP injections are an excellent choice.

    Platelet-rich plasma therapy has a wide range of applications. Let’s find out some of the leading reasons that our clients choose PRP injections:

    ● Tendon injury

    ● Severe injury

    ● Post-surgery recovery

    ● Hair loss

    ● Osteoarthritis

    If you want more information about the benefits or applications of platelet-rich plasma therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at OPA Orthopedics.

    Alternatively, you can explore our blog for more information on this unique regenerative therapy.


    Affordable Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy in Seattle

    Accessing treatments for injuries in Seattle can often be expensive. If you’re seeking an affordable alternative to traditional surgeries and similar treatments, then OPA Orthopedics is ready to help. We provide cost-effective PRP therapies to all our clients.

    Unlike other treatment centers in the area, we believe in transparent pricing. If you want more information about our prices, you can use our website to request an initial appointment with one of our physicians and fill out our printable forms.

    Unfortunately, some insurance companies consider platelet-rich plasma PRP therapy an ineligible service. This issue sometimes means that they won’t cover the cost of PRP injections, although this will depend on your specific coverage plan. If your insurance company does not cover PRP injections, don’t worry, you can request information about our self-pay discounts.

    If you’re searching for the top PRP treatment Seattle, WA, has to offer, you can reach OPA Orthopedics by dialing (206) 309-4762.



    The science behind PRP is based on the fact that the platelet-rich surface layer is rich in various growth factors and healing cytokines. These go to work on damaged tissue to assist in healing.

    The procedure is most often performed on partial tears in the Achilles Tendon and rotator cuff tendon tears in the shoulder as well as osteoarthritis of knees and hips, often using ultrasound guidance. PRP is done under sterile conditions in the office and must be arranged ahead of time. Feel free to discuss this procedure with any of our physicians or therapists and we can help you decide if it would be effective for your condition.

    *Please note: Most insurance plans consider PRP a non-covered service. Please inquire about our self-pay discount.




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