I had hoped that my knees would get better on their own, you know, with rest or some lifestyle change. But after a couple of years with painful knees every time I walked or stood. I had the first knee replaced by surgeon, Dr. Laura Matsen-Ko, in April, 2016. She said it was possible, (but I was still surprised) that within a week I was walking around the house without the walker and after two weeks I didn’t need the cane. I rode my bike around the neighborhood at 4 weeks post-op and at 5-6 weeks I was back riding on the Discovery Trail along the Straits of Juan de Fuca. (I was especially happy between 3-4 weeks, except for occasional Tylenols, to stop taking the pain medication because, to tell you the truth, it made me feel worse than the pain.It is interesting to me that I was born at Swedish Hospital 76 years ago, and that is where I am getting new knees!