Today marks the 43rd day (6 weeks and 1 day, but who’s counting?) since Dr. Lee replaced both of my knees. I went to the physical therapist here in Juneau yesterday and I am thrilled to report I have 133 degrees of flexion in my right knee, and 130 degrees of flexion in my left knee. I also have been able to “zero” out both of my knees for at least the past two weeks, I am continuing therapy on my own here in Juneau and expect even better results over more time. I still have a bit of soreness in both legs but it is manageable now, and even without pain meds. I can stand and walk pain free and now will concentrate on building strength again. I just want you to know how thankful I am for the good results that I have gotten, and so soon too. Really I am humbled by the skill and professionalism I was shown by all of the staff at OPA, and promise to come see you folks after the holidays with a big smile on my face – attributable to all of you!