OPA’s John "Doc" Robertson Retiring After 40 Years

OPA’s John "Doc" Robertson Retiring After 40 Years

Dr. Robertson, a sports medicine physician and respected member of the running community, is now retired.

His dedication to his patients and their health was unmatched, and his primary goal was to always keep them moving and returning them to their preferred activity.

For those seeking care for sports medicine problems and particularly runner’s injuries, his is referring patients to his colleagues at Orthopedic Physician Associates, Brian Snitily, MD (physiatrist, sports medicine) and Carrie Wilcox, MD(sports medicine).

If you are a patient at OPA, your medical records are confidential and will remain on file, to be available upon your request. If you choose either Dr. Snitily or Dr. Wilcox to continue your care, you do not need to take any action concerning your records.

“It has been a great pleasure meeting and caring for you all. I sincerely appreciate your friendship and loyalty. I wish you continued good health and all the best in the comings years. Keep moving!”


Dr. Robertson

John W. Robertson, M.D.

*For details on Dr. Snitily’s practice (physiatry and sports medicine) please visit, here.

*For details on Dr. Wilcox’s practice (sports medicine) please visit, here.