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    Best Shoulder Conditions & Treatment Near You in Sammamish

    Our shoulders are very important parts of our body and are key to many different types of movement. Unfortunately, shoulder conditions and pain are all too common. This is because the shoulder is used so heavily in the things we do, such as work and hobbies.

    There are many people out there who have shoulder conditions that have never been looked at. At our shoulder pain clinic in Sammamish, we at OPA Ortho make sure to help our clients with their shoulder pains.

    It can be tempting to write off shoulder pain as something that will go away after a while. However, shoulder pains can be indicators of larger issues. You don’t deserve shoulders ridden with pain and weakness. If you think you might have a shoulder condition, contact our clinic in Sammamish and set up an appointment today.


    Shoulder Conditions Treatment Sammamish

    Treatment for Shoulder Conditions in Sammamish

    Our Sammamish clinic employs professional orthopedic teams to deal with different shoulder conditions. All of these teams make it a part of their goal to make sure your shoulders are in good health.

    These professionals have seen a variety of shoulder conditions, some of which include:


    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Shoulder fracture
    • Tendinitis
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Wrenched shoulder
    • Shoulder dislocation

    If these conditions look familiar to you, give our clinic in Sammamish a call and our orthopedic professionals will help to diagnose your problem.

    Symptoms Caused by Shoulder Conditions

    Looking at symptoms can be helpful in seeing if you are suffering from a shoulder condition. Listed below are some common symptoms of shoulder conditions we have seen at our clinic in Sammamish:

    • Weakness, numbness, or tingling in the arm
    • Shoulder stiffness or pain
    • Shoulder swelling

    If you live in Sammamish and these symptoms are a chronic issue, contact OPA Ortho to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic professionals.

    Shoulder Condition Diagnoses and Treatments

    At our Sammamish location, prior to any of our treatments come diagnoses. These diagnoses can come using a variety of different methods. Depending on symptoms, we may use CT scan, MRI, arthroscopy, or x-ray.

    After determining the outcome of these methods, our orthopedic specialists will work with you and determine the best way forward for your shoulder condition.

    Some of these paths forward are treatments such as:

    • Heat or ice therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • At-home exercises
    • Medicine to reduce pain or swelling
    • Taking a break from physical activities that could be aggravating your shoulder condition

    Experiencing Shoulder Conditions? Here’s Some Things to Try

    For your convenience, we have listed five things that to do if you experience shoulder pains.

    1. Put an ice pack or a heating pad on your shoulder.
    2. Refrain from lifting heavy objects.
    3. Start physical therapy.
    4. Take a hot bath to relax the muscles in your arm and shoulder and relieve the pain.
    5. Take a break from sports or exercise that could be exacerbating your shoulder condition.

    Contact Our Sammamish Clinic About Shoulder Conditions

    Getting the help you deserve for your shoulder pain is a necessary thing. This help can be provided at our clinic in Sammamish.

    Shoulder conditions can be scary, but our orthopedics specialists are experienced and have seen many different issues resolved. Working with our clients conditions and all that entails is something we prioritize.

    Contact our Sammamish clinic and we at OPA Ortho will join you on your journey to shoulder pain recovery.

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