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    Kirkland Knee Conditions & Treatments

    Because we rely on our knees to carry us and support our bodies, knee health is an extremely important component of overall health.

    Despite what many people mistakenly think, knee conditions have the ability to affect the lives of any person at any age. Regardless of if you lead a very active or very sedentary lifestyle, suffering a knee condition is a very real possibility.

    If you experience chronic knee pain, stiffness, or swelling, these are all indicators that you have an underlying knee condition that needs treatment. If you suspect that you suffer from a knee condition, one of the best ways to get the treatment that your body needs is by consulting an orthopedic doctor.

    Continue reading to learn more about common knee conditions and treatments or to learn about where you can get orthopedic treatments in Kirkland.

    Knee Conditions treatments Kirkland

    Orthopedic Conditions Of the Knee

    What are the primary knee pain causes and their treatments?

    There are a wide range of knee pain conditions that can affect people differently based on a number of factors such as age, weight, sex, and level of activity.

    Some of the most common conditions of knee pain include:

    • Knee joint conditions (such as arthritis)
    • ACL injuries
    • Kneecap fractures
    • Dislocated kneecaps
    • Loose bodies

    Best Treatments For Knee Pain

    What are the best knee pain treatments for someone who suffers from chronic knee pain? Here are some practical methods for finding knee pain relief at home or without a surgical procedure.

    At Home Knee Treatments

    Some of the best at home knee treatments (including at-home sprained knee treatments) are:

    • Compression therapy
    • Cold or hot therapy
    • Rest
    • Elevating your knee

    Knee Treatments Without Surgery

    • Physical therapy
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Light exercise
    • Wearing a knee brace

    When To Consult a Doctor For Knee Pain Relief

    So when should you see a doctor about your knee pain and knee issues?

    Seeing an orthopedic specialist is one of the most effective ways to discover the source of your knee issues. An orthopedic doctor can diagnose and treat your knee condition to reduce pain, inflammation, and mobility issues.

    What’s more, seeing an orthopedic doctor will also ensure that you are taking appropriate measures to prevent your knee from suffering lasting damage (which many knee conditions may result in if left unchecked).

    If you are suffering from persistent, knee pain or stiffness which is preventing you from being able to complete everyday tasks or is even just making tasks more difficult, you should schedule a consultation with an orthopedic doctor immediately.

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