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    Issaquah Knee Conditions & Treatments

    Professional advice from an orthopedic physician is the best way to explore the options for knee conditions & treatments in Issaquah. A person’s knees play an integral role in their ability to walk, run, and enjoy life, and it is debilitating to experience trouble moving because of a knee problem. Treating knee problems early reduces the negative side effects.

    Our team at OPA Ortho understands how various knee conditions affect mobility and many other essential aspects of life, and our focus is on effective diagnoses and knee pain treatment. Feel free to peruse our online reviews to learn more about our approach to knee conditions & treatments in Issaquah.


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    Conditions of the Knee That Require Knee Pain Treatment

    Treatments for knee pain depend entirely on the underlying cause of the discomfort or injury. There are many conditions and injury-related problems that result in knee problems, even years afterward.

    Here are the most common knee pain causes we see at OPA Ortho at our Issaquah location:

    • Arthritis: As a common joint disorder that impacts millions of Americans, arthritis causes joint swelling that results in pain, discomfort, stiffness, mobility issues, and more. Three types of arthritis can impact the knee, including septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.
    • Kneecap fractures: Injuring the kneecap typically occurs during an impact, such as a sports injury, and results in severe knee pain.
    • Kneecap dislocation: Sports injuries also result in kneecap dislocation, which can be incredibly painful without the right treatments for knee pain (conditions may also develop).
    • ACL injuries: Injured ACLs cause severe pain and discomfort, and a tear will typically require knee surgery to correct.

    The list above covers only a few of the issues that cause knee pain, but many other knee conditions could benefit from intervention. For example, the team at OPA Ortho also helps patients with:

    • Hip and knee bursitis
    • Obesity-related knee problems
    • Patella Tendonitis
    • Meniscal tears

    Why not contact our team at OPA Ortho to learn more about our approach to these knee conditions & treatments? Issaquah patients rely on our specialists for accurate diagnosis, effective treatments, and unrivaled care, no matter the cause of their pain. 

    What are the Best Treatments for Knee Pain in Issaquah?

    Patients are often surprised to learn that many people come to our orthopedic team when they are seeking knee treatments without surgery. Knee treatments vary, and we consider surgery a last resort.

    There are various steps that our patients can take to reduce their knee pain, but the correct measures will depend on the particular knee issue.

    Some common non-invasive treatments for treating knee pain in Issaquah include:

    • Reducing activity to allow the knee to rest
    • Hot or cold therapy for the knee
    • Low-impact exercises, such as swimming and short walks
    • Anti-inflammatory medication (with guidance from an orthopedic specialist)

    Our experienced orthopedic team specializes in diagnosing and treating a broad range of knee joint conditions, and our service is dependable. The skilled orthopedic doctors at OPA Ortho make themselves available to ensure that our Issaquah patients reduce the impact of a knee injury or condition in the simplest way possible. Knee pain relief is possible; consult with our medical professionals about the options for various knee conditions & treatments in Issaquah and the surrounding areas.

    Knee Pain Conditions and Diagnostics—Issaquah

    What are the best knee pain treatments in Issaquah? The first step to answering that question is to identify the cause of the knee issue with a thorough diagnosis. At OPA Ortho, our high-quality diagnostic services do just that, harnessing the power of:

    • MRIs,
    • X-rays,
    • ultrasounds, and
    • a host of other diagnostic equipment.

    It is a priority for us to diagnose a patient’s condition accurately so that we can recommend the best treatment plan. Sprained knee treatments will differ significantly from knee arthritis treatments—our trained orthopedic doctor will be able to tell you more after assessing the knee.

    Consult OPA Ortho About Knee Conditions & Treatments—Issaquah

    Knee pain should not have the power to detract from a patient’s enjoyment or quality of life, and addressing the problem does not always need to involve surgery. Why not speak to our orthopedic specialists about the various treatment options available for orthopedic conditions of the knee? Do not suffer in silence; our team at OPA Ortho is here to help.

    The orthopedic physicians at OPA Ortho have a deep understanding of the knee treatments that offer relief and long-lasting results—call us at 425-800-0085 for more about knee conditions & treatments in Issaquah.

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