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    Shoreline Knee Conditions & Treatments

    The knees are integral to overall health. As they support the entire body and enable everyday movement, it is essential to look after them properly.

    Muscles and tendons are made up of ligaments, cartilage, fluid, and bone to create the knee. This system is complex, so if you experience discomfort or pain it is important to consult with a medical professional about potential knee conditions as soon as possible.

    Knee Conditions treatments Shoreline

    Common Knee Conditions

    Knee pain conditions can vary. Some knee pain may be indicative of a more serious knee condition, so pay attention to any symptoms you may be experiencing. Orthopedic conditions of the knee include:

    • ACL injury. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), like all ligaments in the knee, supports the knee joint and provides stability. Symptoms of a ligament injury include swelling, intense pain, a loud popping sound, loss of motion, or instability.
    • Arthritis. This knee condition occurs when the knee joint is inflamed. Symptoms include pain or stiffness, movement feeling limited, the joint turning red, or feeling weak.
    • Kneecap dislocation. When the kneecap shifts out of place it is a kneecap dislocation. This is very serious as it can cause further damage to the surrounding tendons and ligaments. Symptoms include swelling, severe pain, a popping noise, or an inability to walk.
    • Kneecap fracture. Usually sustained via accident, a kneecap fracture occurs when the kneecap experiences a break. Typical symptoms include severe pain, swelling, an inability to straighten the leg, unusual shape or feel around the kneecap, or tenderness.
    • Loose bodies. When small pieces of bone or cartilage become detached, they can sometimes float around amongst the knee joint area. Symptoms of knee joint conditions include pain, swelling, or the feeling your knee joint is “locking” into place.
    • Meniscus tear. This is one of the most commonplace injuries that lead to knee pain. The meniscus provides a thick cushion between the shin and thigh bones and can be torn by twisting your leg in an unusual way. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, stiffness, or the feeling your knee is “locking” into place.
    • Patellar tendonitis. When the patellar tendon becomes inflamed, it is known as patellar tendonitis. The patellar tendon is the connection between the shin bone and the kneecap and can be injured by rough overuse. Common symptoms include pain, swelling, tenderness, or intense pain when using your knee in daily capacity.

    Many symptoms of knee joint conditions or injury are similar to one another, so without consulting a local medical professional it is nearly impossible to identify the problem. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or are seeking knee pain relief, contact us at OPA Ortho today.

    Knee Conditions & Treatments Shoreline

    Many best treatments for knee pain are offered at our knee pain treatment clinic. When you consult with our local team at OPA Ortho in Shoreline, we can help create a strategy that works for you.

    Some suggestions for knee pain relief are:

    • Elevation
    • Using a knee brace
    • Compression
    • Hot or cold therapy
    • Low impact activity or workouts
    • Rest
    • Drugs for anti-inflammation or pain reduction
    • Physical therapy
    • Orthopedic procedures

    Our expert team at OPA Ortho is invested in the health of our local community. We promise our best effort to make a plan that ensures you the best possible results for knee relief and recovery. Schedule your consultation today to get started!

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