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    Poulsbo Knee Conditions & Treatments

    Our bodies are incredible machines, capable of enduring large amounts of stress. While we can take on a lot, there are times when excessive exercise or simply twisting an ankle while walking can cause knee damage that requires immediate attention.

    It can be painfully limiting to have a knee injury. We at OPA Ortho understand the frustration that can be caused from experiencing pain during normal, everyday activities.


    knee conditions and treatment Poulsbo

    Knee Conditions & Treatments Poulsbo

    If you are experiencing chronic knee pain, swelling, or stiffness, it may be an indication of an underlying knee injury that needs treatment.

    Contacting an orthopedic doctor may be the best choice for you. Even so, or if you’re unsure what signs to look for that indicate a knee injury, continue reading.

    Orthopedic Knee Pain Conditions

    Knee pain causes can be many and varied. They are more common among those with extensively active lifestyles but can fall on anybody.

    The more common knee injuries include:

    • Dislocated kneecaps
    • ACL injuries
    • Arthritis or other joint conditions
    • Fractures of the kneecap

    Best Knee Pain Relief and Treatments

    Depending on the severity of your knee injury, one or more of the following remedies may be beneficial. Sometimes all that is needed is a little rest and elevation to relieve your knee pain. Other times, knee pain will persist despite rest. If pain persists, it is a good indicator that you may need to see an orthopedic specialist for knee pain treatments.

    We’ve included a list below of the best home remedies to counteract knee pain and what to do if your pain is too serious to deal with at home.

    At Home Knee Treatments

    If you are experiencing mild knee pain, try one or more of the following at-home treatments:

    • Hot or cold therapy
    • Compression therapy
    • Wearing a knee brace
    • Elevation of the knee
    • Rest

    Further Treatments for Knee Pain

    Other alternative knee treatments that don’t require surgery include:

    • Using anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Participating in low-impact exercise routines such as swimming or yoga
    • Attending physical therapy

    If your knee pain persists, it may be time for you to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.

    When To Consult an Orthopedic Doctor

    If you’re experiencing continued knee pain even after stretches and rest, it is advisable to get in touch with an orthopedic doctor immediately.

    Excessive strain on a knee injury can cause permanent damage. Thankfully, much of this can be avoided. If you are unsure about which home remedies would be beneficial or are experiencing severe knee pain, contact OPA Ortho Poulsbo today.

    An Orthopedic Doctor Near You

    At OPA Ortho, we understand the limitations caused by knee pain and the importance of pursuing safe and productive therapy.

    Upon calling OPA Ortho, you will be connected with a highly trained orthopedic specialist who will help guide you through a diagnosis and customized therapy plan.

    Get in touch with one of our specialists today by contacting our Poulsbo clinic.

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