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    Best Hip Conditions and Treatment Near You in Issaquah

    The team at OPA Ortho is one of the best choices for those wanting to address painful hip conditions in Issaquah or the surrounding areas. Hip-related conditions can result in debilitating side effects as this is one of the body’s largest joints, connecting the femur to the pelvis. The weight-bearing joint handles significant wear and tear, but common hip problems arise with age, injury, and degeneration.

    Don’t worry; there are many solutions to painful hip conditions in Issaquah with OPA Ortho’s extensive resources and experience in the field. Our pain and hip bursitis treatment in Issaquah covers a wide range of causes and treatment options that can improve our patients’ quality of life. Healthy hips make everything easier, and our team is happy to help.

    Feel free to assess our diagnostic services and treatments from our patients’ online reviews or contact OPA Ortho to schedule an appointment at our Issaquah location today.

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    Visit OPA Ortho for Help with Hip Conditions in Issaquah

    Many different hip conditions and injuries occur, and most bring pain, mobility problems, and related issues. At OPA Ortho, the team sees many patients suffering from these debilitating injuries or conditions, including common hip conditions in Issaquah like:

    • Hip Arthritis: This condition causes swelling in the hip joint, resulting in mobility problems and pain. There are three types of arthritis—traumatic, rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis.
    • Hip Bursitis: If hip bursa (fluid sacs) experience inflammation, it may result in a painful condition called bursitis. The underlying cause of this disorder is tissue friction in the affected area.
    • Hip Pointer: This injury is a result of a deep bruise that impacts the hip area, typically as the result of an impact, like a fall.
    • Avascular Necrosis: If the hip does not receive adequate blood flow, it can result in the breakdown of the hip joint over time; doctors call the condition avascular necrosis.

    Life typically looks different with the development of painful or degenerative hip disorders. Issaquah patients rely on OPA Ortho to restore their mobility and help with the pain. Seeking treatment from an orthopedic specialist like ours is critical; the earlier, the better.

    Diagnosis and Hip Treatment in Issaquah

    Treating a hip problem correctly is the first step to a full recovery, which is why OPA Ortho focuses on careful diagnostics. We offer a broad range of treatment options to our Issaquah visitors, including specialist attention and the latest treatment for hip bursitis in Issaquah. Our talented orthopedic doctors like ours treat many issues, including arthritis pain and hip fracture treatments in Issaquah. 

    We may use technology like hip arthroscopy or other minimally invasive treatments to tackle pain or conduct hip arthritis treatments in Issaquah. A total hip replacement is a last resort, but our specialists are well-equipped to make the process as easy as possible. Our portfolio includes highly skilled and experienced surgeons who can assess existing hip replacements or conduct new hip replacements if necessary.

    Feel free to chat with us about some of our most popular hip pain treatments in Issaquah or connect with us online.

    Reliable Orthopedic Physicians for Hip Pain Treatment—Issaquah

    Hip pain impacts a person’s ability to work, partake in hobbies, spend time with family, and more. At OPA Ortho, we feel that it is critical to address the source of the pain if we want to truly improve our patients’ quality of life. Orthopedic specialists like ours address various problems, including degenerative hip conditions in Issaquah that result in ongoing pain.

    Our diagnostic technology helps determine the root of the pain problem, while our skill and experience put us in the perfect position to develop the right treatment strategy. It is essential to understand the cause of the hip condition; in Issaquah, this is our focus for the first appointment. Correctly diagnosing hip injuries and related conditions is the key to addressing the pain or discomfort long-term, and it could mean relying on:

    • EMGs,
    • MRIs,
    • X-rays,
    • ultrasound technology, and
    • a host of other diagnostic tools

    Choose OPA Ortho for Affordable Hip Treatment in Issaquah

    Many people choose the team from OPA Ortho for a team they can trust. Our orthopedic physicians take pride in addressing any hip problems with in-depth diagnoses and effective treatment plans, and we understand that each patient’s needs are different. 

    Why let hip pain affect your quality of life when there are so many solutions available? Speak to OPA Ortho’s trusted orthopedic specialists at 425-800-0085 today about reliable treatments for a range of hip conditions in Issaquah.

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    • Arthritis
    • Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI and Cam Lesions)
    • Hamstring tears
    • Labral tears
    • Trochanteric Bursitis

    Minimally Invasive Hip Treatments

    Total Hip Replacements

    • MAKOplasty robotically assisted surgery VIDEO ►
    • Revision of previous hip replacement VIDEO ►
    • Total hip replacement (anterior) VIDEO ►
    • Total hip replacement (posterior)




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