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    Best Shoulder Conditions & Treatment Near You in Poulsbo

    Every single day, the shoulder is used thousands of times for simple things waving at a friend, petting your dog, or eating a bagel. Since it sees so much daily use, the shoulder can fall victim to shoulder pain or conditions.

    The shoulder is an immensely complex system of ligaments and joints connecting your arm to your torso. It is a ball-and-socket joint with not one, but actually two joints that allow the arm free movement. This system’s complicated nature makes shoulder and neck pain very common.

    If you notice any pain in your shoulder or neck, please do not hesitate to contact us at the OPA Ortho clinic in Poulsbo today.

    Shoulder Conditions Treatment Poulsbo

    Shoulder Conditions

    In addition to pain or soreness in the shoulder, neck pain can also be indicative of a shoulder condition. 

    Some common conditions causing neck or shoulder pain include:

    • Shoulder dislocation caused by an accident or injury
    • Shoulder separation caused by direct injury to the shoulder
    • Shoulder impingement syndrome — caused by abnormal movement of the arm
    • Shoulder arthritis caused by overuse or age
    • Rotator cuff tears caused by age, overuse, or injury
    • Labral tears caused by fractured or dislocated shoulder or general overuse
    • Biceps tendon rupture caused by recurring strain or injury
    • Bursitis and tendonitis caused by bad posture and strenuous overuse 
    • Midshaft humerus fracture caused by a direct injury to the upper arm or fall

    Once you contact OPA Ortho, our expert team will promptly examine your individual situation and provide the best subsequent care.

    Typical Symptoms of A Shoulder Condition

    This is not an exhaustive list. If you feel any concern about your shoulder, please schedule a short consultation.

    • Dull ache
    • Continuing shoulder pain
    • Stiffness
    • Numbness in the arm

    Shoulder Treatments Available

    Our specialists at OPA Ortho in Poulsbo will find a long-term solution. After you receive your diagnosis, there are many possible strategies and treatments, such as:

    • Cartilage repair/transplant
    • Complex shoulder instability repair 
    • Injections
    • Partial rotator cuff repair
    • Total rotator cuff repair
    • Shoulder fracture surgery
    • Biceps tendon rupture repair
    • Total shoulder replacement
    • Reverse total shoulder replacement

    These procedures are often combined with recommendations for daily routine. Taking care of your body is an everyday job, and these small actions can make a big difference for shoulder pain relief.

    Our OPA Ortho experts will work together with you to develop a routine that may include:

    • Gentle, at-home stretches or exercises
    • Ice therapy
    • Heat therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Pain medication
    • Reducing strenuous activities

    If you are looking for shoulder pain relief, neck pain relief, or are generally concerned about either, make your appointment with OPA Ortho today. Our team is empathetic, local, and ready to help you!

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    • Biceps tendon rupture
    • Bursitis and Tendinitis
    • Labral tears
    • Mid shaft humerus fracture
    • Rotator cuff tears
    • Shoulder Arthritis
    • Shoulder dislocation
    • Shoulder impingement syndrome
    • Shoulder separation
    • Bankart repairs VIDEO ►
    • Biceps tendon rupture repair
    • Cartilage repair/transplantation
    • Clavicle open reduction
    • Complex shoulder instability repair
    • Injections
    • Partial rotator cuff repair VIDEO ►
    • Proximal humerus open reduction
    • Reverse total shoulder replacement
    • SLAP lesion repair VIDEO ►
    • Shoulder fracture surgery
    • Shoulder stabilization for dislocation
    • Total rotator cuff repair VIDEO ►
    • Total shoulder replacement VIDEO ►




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