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    Best Foot And Ankle Pain Conditions & Treatment Near You in Lynnwood

    Suffering an injury or a chronic foot or ankle condition can be debilitating for Lynnwood residents. Not only are your feet directly responsible for your mobility, enabling you to go about your everyday life, having chronic pain means that you won’t be as effective at work or in everyday tasks as you could be.

    Having chronic pain is a hindrance to productivity and enjoyment and shouldn’t just become an accepted part of your life.

    If you suffer from chronic foot or ankle pain, this is a sure symptom of an underlying issue. You should prioritize the health of your body by scheduling an appointment to see an orthopedic specialist about your pain and symptoms.

    Foot & Ankle Conditions & Treatments Lynnwood

    Foot and Ankle Conditions That We Treat at Our Lynnwood Clinic

    Here at OPA Ortho in Lynnwood, we have a trusted team of orthopedic doctors who are ready to diagnose and treat your foot and ankle conditions. We will conduct a thorough diagnosis to pinpoint the exact issue that you are facing and bring you the best treatment for your foot or ankle condition.

    Some of the most common conditions that we treat at our Lynnwood practice include the following:

    Athlete Injuries

    Athletes place themselves at a higher risk of sustaining various foot and ankle injuries. For one, if the playing field has even a slight incline or hidden hole, an athlete may stumble or turn their ankle, resulting in an injury. It’s recommended that athletes visit a podiatrist from time to time to ensure that their feet and ankles are aligned and functioning as they should be and not letting any untreated condition fester.

    Fractures in the Ankles, Feet, or Toes

    How often do you stub your toes? If you are like most people, chances are that you stub your toes pretty often. Stubbed toes are the result of plenty of fractures along with many other everyday occurrences. Have you turned your ankle recently by stepping in an unseen hole? Or maybe your fracture wasn’t a result of trauma, but a stress fracture that happened gradually over time. Stress fractures are there small cracks form in the ankle or foot bones due to repetitive motion.

    Arthritis in the Feet or Ankles

    There are two types of arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Each results in the deterioration of protective cartilage between the joints and needs to be attended to by a podiatrist. Symptoms of arthritis are swelling, a grinding sensation, stiffness, and pain.


    Not only are bunions incredibly unattractive looking, but they also are responsible for causing a lot of pain and limited mobility. Bunions are bumps on the inner foot, usually close to the big toe that could result from wearing ill-fitting footwear for extended periods of time.

    If you have a painful bunion on your foot, contact an orthopedic clinic in Lynnwood to discuss possible treatment options.


    Another inflammatory condition, metatarsalgia, occurs when the ball of your foot becomes inflamed (this is usually due to you participating in high-impact sports). While this condition is generally not overly serious, it will definitely limit mobility and your ability to act on your feet for several days.

    Chronic Ankle or Foot Pain

    We see many patients at our Lynnwood clinic who suffer for weeks or months from chronic, undiagnosed ankle or foot pain. Chronic pain anywhere on the body is not normal and should never be ignored. Pain is your body’s way of communicating with you that something is wrong, take it as a warning symptom and schedule an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor about your pain.

    Get Orthopedic Foot or Ankle Treatments at Our Lynnwood Clinic

    If your feet or ankles are giving you grief and limiting your productivity and mobility it’s important to prioritize your health and wellbeing and get yourself orthopedic care immediately. While pain may subside and symptoms lessen, this does not necessarily mean that the condition has remedied itself. Rather than letting a foot or ankle condition fester and grow worse over time, get yourself orthopedic care early on.

    To start getting orthopedic help today, contact OPA Ortho in Lynnwood. We have a skilled team of orthopedic specialists who are ready to help you get back on your feet (quite literally), so don’t just grin and bear it, get yourself the orthopedic care that you deserve.

    Contact OPA Ortho in Lynnwood today to schedule your first podiatry appointment.

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    • Achilles ruptures and tears
    • Ankle / foot / toe fractures
    • Ankle pain
    • Ankle sprains
    • Arthritis
    • Bunions, Hammertoes
    • Loose bodies
    • Morton’s Neuromas
    • Sports injuries
    • Ankle arthroscopy
    • Ankle fusion
    • Fracture repair
    • Total ankle replacement




    For acute orthopedic injuries after scheduled clinic and urgent care hours, please utilize the HURT! app, in partnership with OPAOrtho, for fast, free access to orthopedic advice with a response time of less than 4 minutes.  Download here